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RFID smart fire equipment management to build life safety line

News posted on: 2019/7/5 2:58:24 - by Margaret - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID smart fire equipment management to build life safety line

RFID smart fire equipment management to build life safety line

The significance of fire safety is becoming more and more important. In the process of fire fighting, fire fighting equipment is the first safety guarantee to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The application of RFID technology to the management of fire-fighting equipment not only makes the management of the equipment easier and simple, but also avoids inaccurate data and time-consuming data caused by manual operations and recording. RFID technology will greatly improve many problems in the management mode and provide guarantee for the safe use of fire-fighting equipment. In the management of fire-fighting equipment, RFID plays a very important role. RFID smart fire equipment management to build a "life safety line."

RFID smart fire equipment management

It is imperative to use advanced information technology, strengthen information management capabilities, strengthen the supervision of the inspection process, improve the management level of the entire fire-fighting equipment, and eliminate potential safety hazards. The management of fire-fighting equipment, the establishment of basic data and the deployment of RFID identification equipment, in order to accurately collect and acquire data information at each key node. RFID radio frequency identification technology has been paid more and more attention and attention. More and more industries are paying attention to the function and practicability of RFID. The performance is stable and can meet the needs of information collection equipment and information storage equipment. The application is quickly extended to various fields.

The RFID equipment-based fire equipment management system installs the RFID asset tag on the fire equipment, binds the corresponding asset information in the background, installs the RFID electronic tag reader in the key nodes and processes, and collects the RFID electronic tag information. To get accurate details of the asset.

1. A passive rfid label is attached to all fire-fighting equipment in the jurisdiction. The label has memory, which can record the purchase time, expiration time, installation time, person in charge, number of inspections, etc. of the fire-fighting equipment. Life cycle management of fire equipment.

2. The system establishes an electronic file of fire-fighting equipment, which is stored in the central server of the management department and provides an expiration alarm function. The system will give an alarm prompt on the unit management page, and will also send a text message to the mobile phone of the relevant person or person in charge of the unit to remind them to replace it.

3. The fire management department arranges the inspection plan of each unit and the sampling plan of the management department. These plans can be annual plan, monthly plan, weekly plan, temporary plan, etc. The system will automatically generate SMS content according to the plan and send it to each in time. On the mobile phone of the relevant executor of the unit, the person (unit) is reminded to carry out the inspection work of the fire-fighting equipment, and the plan can also be downloaded to the mobile data collection terminal of the specific executor.

4. Each unit inspection personnel, the management unit sampling personnel are equipped with an RFID handheld mobile data collection terminal, which can identify the rfid label information on each fire equipment, and can also communicate with the upper computer (management computer). Each inspection personnel receives the inspection plan of the management department, and scans (reads) each fire equipment in turn. At this time, a inspection record is formed in the handheld. If the equipment is found to be damaged or the function is abnormal, The inspector will make the appropriate selection on the handheld and save it in the inspection record.

5. Install RFID readers and antennas in the fire truck to obtain the information of the fire equipment inside the fire truck in real time, and compare it with the preset data. It is displayed on the equipped flat plate to ensure quick identification of the fire truck when there is a fire fighting task. On the equipment information, after the fire task is completed, it is also possible to check whether the fire-fighting equipment brought back is missing or prevent the loss of the fire-fighting equipment.

6. At the door or passage of the fire-fighting warehouse, deploy UHF RFID readers and UHF antennas to identify fire-fighting equipment information in and out of the warehouse, so as to make in and out of the fire-fighting equipment and warehouse management.

RFID intelligent fire protection platform can realize daily inspection intelligence, standardization of inspection methods, dataization of equipment operation, visualization of key parts of fire protection, timely alarm data of fire protection key units, real-time status data of building fire water, and fire safety knowledge training system Chemical. Through civil air defense technology, improve safety management and reduce fire hazards. The maintenance and daily inspection of fire-fighting equipment is the basis of smart fire protection construction, and RFID technology will be an important cornerstone of this infrastructure. Make the daily management of fire fighting equipment more efficient and concise.


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