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Xiamen uses RFID and other technologies to achieve digital regulation of waste classification

News posted on: 2019/7/8 2:48:33 - by Margaret - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Xiamen uses RFID and other technologies to achieve digital regulation of waste classification

Xiamen uses RFID and other technologies to achieve digital regulation of waste classification

On July 3, the company built the first food and beverage waste information management platform in the province, vigorously promoted the pilot of the waste sorting smart community, and successively launched a variety of waste sorting procedures... Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has classified the waste in 46 key cities across the country. In the assessment of the situation, Xiamen has ranked first in the country for four consecutive quarters. "Modern equipment makes the concept of domestic waste classification more deeply rooted in people's minds. The application of various scientific and technological means to improve residents' environmental awareness and improve the participation of household waste classification." The relevant person in charge of Xiamen City said.

In August 2017, Xiamen reviewed and approved the “Administrative Measures for the Classification of Domestic Waste in Xiamen Special Economic Zone”; in April 2018, the first personal fine was issued for citizens who did not or did not classify waste. However, the “classification” of garbage sorters is not enough. To this end, Xiamen adheres to the combination of manpower and technology to promote “Internet +” waste sorting and digital supervision.

For example, in order to solve the problem of classification of domestic waste, Xiamen actively promotes the construction of a digital supervision system for household waste classification, and uses database sensor technology and Internet of Things technology to access the city's kitchen and food trucks, kitchen garbage bins, RFID card information and meals. The data of the kitchen waste generating unit realizes the informationization supervision of the whole process of the production, collection, transportation and disposal of the kitchen waste; completes the construction of the intelligent sanitation platform, and constantly improves the APP platform for the collection and transportation of domestic waste to realize the netization of garbage collection and transportation. To improve the level of informationization supervision.

At the same time, Xiamen actively advocates "Internet +" for garbage sorting: mobile phone brush, you can get a roll of garbage bags; waste paper is thrown in, the weight is displayed immediately, and points are synchronized, to accumulate a certain point, you can exchange daily necessities There is a unique QR code on the garbage bag, which can be traced. The Pioneer Camp Community and Xinlongcheng Community introduced intelligent waste sorting systems and became the first pilot community to use the “Internet Plus” for waste sorting.

What is worthwhile is that the city adopts the BOT method, introduces social capital and advanced technology to build a post-pit waste sorting plant (processing kitchen waste) and Ruike International Garbage Demonstration Factory (handling kitchen waste). The 700 tons of kitchen waste that was separated was effectively treated to promote the utilization of kitchen waste resources. At present, the city has built a complete system of waste utilization and harmless treatment of kitchen waste.


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