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Transforming smart pound rooms by means of RFID

News posted on: 2019/8/2 1:38:03 - by Lynne - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Transforming smart pound rooms by means of RFID

Transforming smart pound rooms by means of RFID

“In the past, the system of over-weighting, the degree of automation was low, and some links required manual operation, which was time-consuming, labor-intensive and inefficient. In the peak season of coal sales, watching the coal-carrying vehicles that grew up in the dragon, the heart was in a hurry, but there was nothing to do.” Wei Jing, the chief of the department, said that now, since the completion of the smart house renovation, all the automatic entry and exit of the coal car, automatic card swiping, automatic metering, automatic billing, the original 2 hours of life can now be completed in an hour.

It is understood that the mine smart pound room is composed of RFID vehicle management, dispatching IC card management, ground scale check, remote monitoring of platform scales and other system modules. Through the use of artificial intelligence, video capture, monitoring and positioning and other technical means, the pound room is realized. Unattended remote smart metering.

According to the closed and streamlined system management ideas, the mine has added the management of coal bunker quantity, loading coal type check, coal yard forecast quantity, regional positioning monitoring, sampling supervision and other management on the basis of the scale upgrade. The system, according to the multi-dimensional anti-cheating design, through the installation of door control, coal bin quantitative loading, forklift scale measurement, electronic fence area positioning, centralized monitoring automatic alarm and other more than 20 system modules, the realization of the vehicle from the mining to the mining The whole process of control of the delivery, improved the anti-cheating means, made up for the lack of manual management, and improved the efficiency of shipping. Through the Internet and big data platform, multiple subsystems are integrated into resources and integrated into the mine dispatching command center management. The information islands caused by data independence between multiple systems are solved, and the whole process remote control of coal shipping is realized.

The informationization, process and closed management of coal transportation work not only improve the accuracy of shipping, reduce personnel input, reduce the operating cost of mines, but also standardize the shipping standards, so that the shoddy, the false, the malpractice, etc. Phenomenon nowhere


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