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Application of Internet of Things Technology in Logistics Domain

News posted on: 2019/8/7 1:14:07 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Application of Internet of Things Technology in Logistics Domain

Application of Internet of Things Technology in Logistics Domain

1. Application of RFID RFID technology in logistics domain

Management of container equipment using trays as an example. Add radio frequency tags to pallets and other equipment to facilitate the management and tracking of such equipment. If the RFID is used to identify the pallets in the automated warehouse equipment and track their dynamics, the time of each storage process is collected by the monitoring system to facilitate the information management of the warehouse operations. At present, this technology has successful cases in my high-end logistics, pharmaceutical, luxury goods, and catering industries. At the same time, such technologies also play a huge role in the process of cargo identification, information collection, query and tracking. It provides a guarantee for the safety of materials during storage. Use RFID technology to monitor the transportation of materials. Through the combination of RFID technology and sensing technology, the goods can be managed and controlled on the basis of sensing the state of goods in transit. This measure enables the identification, location, tracking and status perception of transport vehicles and transported goods by installing RFID readers and sensors on the transport line and accepting RFID tag information. To achieve transparency and visualization of in-transit cargo management, and to ensure the quality and safety of cargo transportation. Internet of Things technology in distribution management. By installing RFID tags on the delivery receiving office, using RFID readers and cargo boxes, installing mobile RFID readers on the handling equipment and installing them on warehouse entrances, trays, shelves and other logistics levels. By using the handheld reader, it is possible to realize the information management of the item inventory for each operation detail of the overall delivery goods. The management personnel of the enterprise can timely grasp the inventory situation of the goods and their distribution. The automatic replenishment system can timely replenish the goods, effectively reduce the inventory and improve the inventory control ability. In addition, the RFID technology can also be used in the intelligent process of loading, using the handheld device to scan the RFID logo on the transport vehicle of the platform, input the information of the delivery goods of the transport vehicle to the vehicle terminal, and download the order information, and temporarily store the order information. The cargo information can also be dispatched to the platform and loaded.

2. Application of GPS in logistics domain

It is applied to the vehicle's GPS technology for transportation management, and can track and locate the whole transportation vehicle. Achieved emergency rescue of vehicles in an emergency. Vehicle scheduling is also available, providing vehicle alarms that make the cargo safer during transportation. GPS technology used in the operation management of freight vehicles. In the monitoring and dispatching of long-distance cargo transportation, special vehicle positioning and tracking, GPS technology is also widely used. Based on GPS technology, it can track all the vehicles, realize online distribution information service, and complete the return of empty vehicles on the way back. Goods, reduce the return rate of empty vehicles, and save costs for enterprises. At present, many large crude oil companies have introduced this technology to ensure the safety and efficiency of cargo transportation through intelligent monitoring. GPS technology used in the port Internet of Things. The intelligent port system represented by container truck monitoring GPS software and dedicated GPS vehicle monitoring system has become the development mark of Internet of Things technology in my port industry. It also laid a solid foundation for the development of the port industry in the Internet of Things. GPS application of logistics distribution monitoring system. The warehouse dispatching service process can be adjusted first to avoid the problem that the goods cannot be unloaded and warehousing after the arrival of the vehicle due to the rushed arrival. Through on-the-road monitoring system software, the whole process of vehicle tracking is carried out, the level of supply organization is improved, the turnover efficiency is accelerated, and the GPS intelligent logistics network system is established and equipped.


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