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RFID technology makes intelligent management of 4S shop vehicles easier

News posted on: 2019/8/22 1:40:22 - by Lynne - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology makes intelligent management of 4S shop vehicles easier

RFID technology makes intelligent management of 4S shop vehicles easier

With the improvement of living standards, the number of cars has been rising, and the repair and maintenance of vehicles has become a very common scene in 4S shops. The 4S shop maintains a large number of vehicles every day, and the liquidity is very large. It is difficult to manage in vehicle management. How to make 4S shop vehicles quickly collect information? RFID technology makes intelligent management of 4S shop vehicles easier. Changed the vehicle management of the 4S shop manual recording mode, not only in time, efficiency and accuracy have been greatly improved.

Aiming at various problems occurring above 4S stores, using wireless sensor network and RFID radio frequency identification technology, through the installation of RFID hardware and corresponding functional software, a complete and efficient 4S shop vehicle intelligentization is developed for the actual situation of vehicle management. Management system. From the perspective of the actual vehicle management problems existing in the 4S store, the vehicle management and positioning system in the RFID plant area was developed.

Run independently according to the 4S shop design. The 4S shop is designed according to four functional areas, namely the pre-examination area, the maintenance area, the car wash area and the vehicle parking area. The vehicle positioning label system mainly realizes full coverage positioning in the above four areas and roads in the plant area, realizing vehicle tracking, real-time positioning, vehicle motion status monitoring, video linkage, data storage, repair work visualization, repair work time preset and alarm. Management functions such as customer mobile APP connection system.

When the staff picks up the pre-inspection, the vehicle is equipped with a dual-frequency card type tag, and the relevant information of the vehicle is entered in the system computer: the owner's name, the owner's mobile phone number, the license plate number, the vehicle brand, the vehicle model and the entry requirements. For the service project, the related funds generated by the service project are bound to the label. The ID number of this label is unique and will not be confused with other labels. Vehicle movement status monitoring. The dual-frequency card-type tag has a built-in motion monitoring module that automatically monitors the motion state of the vehicle. When the car is moving, the acceleration sensor detects the motion of the vehicle, even if it is only a slight movement, it can be perceived. And feedback to the system in real time, to facilitate customers to query in time.

Vehicle entry and exit time record. When the driver drives into the function area, the card label is placed close to the directional card reader, the card reader will read the card label information, and the information will be automatically transmitted to the upper computer, and the upper computer will receive the data according to the directional card reader. Live Update. In the functional area, each station and vehicle need to go through the road to install the Internet of Things video camera, the camera will cover all the above areas, and cooperate with the omnidirectional card reader to complete the video linkage. The user can view the video picture of their vehicle in real time by using the mobile phone in the customer's rest area. After inputting the vehicle information, the omnidirectional card reader at the position of the tag is instructed, and the camera video corresponding to the card reader is linked to realize video linkage; the technology is realized by using the vehicle RFID positioning technology. The first is RFID positioning technology to locate the location of the vehicle, and then automatically match the camera closest to the location of the vehicle.

Vehicle maintenance preset overtime alarm When the staff picks up the vehicle, the repair time is preset according to the different repair needs of the customer's vehicle. When the set time is reached, the vehicle repair is not completed, and the system will issue an automatic alarm to remind the staff to handle it. Users can also view it using the mobile app.

Each vehicle carrying an RFID electronic card tag enters the gate of each functional area, the RFID card reader reads the RFID card type electronic tag information, and the RFID card reader transmits the vehicle information to the control gate through the communication interface. By locating the vehicle in the area, the manager can query the location of a certain vehicle by the host computer. For example, when the vehicle A enters the maintenance area, the RFID reader reads the vehicle label, records the trace of the vehicle, and the manager inputs The vehicle number, the owner's name, the owner's mobile phone number, and the license plate number can be used to query the area where the vehicle is located to achieve regional positioning of the vehicle.

RFID technology optimizes the management of 4S shop vehicles to a certain extent, realizes real-time positioning information of vehicle areas, makes management smoother, and strengthens the strict management process of 4S shop operation process. Automatically collect information through RFID technology, thereby reducing manual records by personnel, resulting in higher accuracy. Improve the service experience of customers entering the store, bringing greater benefits to 4S stores.


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