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Intelligent Application Analysis of RFID Technology Video Surveillance System

News posted on: 2019/8/26 9:02:18 - by Anna - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Intelligent Application Analysis of RFID Technology Video Surveillance System

Intelligent Application Analysis of RFID Technology Video Surveillance System

With the improvement of broadband wired and wireless network infrastructure and the growing demand for the global security market, the application of video surveillance is exploding. The development trend of video surveillance systems is very obvious. After experiencing digitalization and networking, the next important trend is intelligent, that is, the application of intelligent monitoring and video analysis technology to realize intelligent video surveillance. Therefore, the camera incorporating RFID technology came into being, and the camera was inserted with the perceived wings to make the camera bright.

1, electric vehicle management

The electric car is stolen seriously. The existing mechanical car locks have basically lost the anti-theft function. The public security department often receives theft alarm, but since there is no record evidence to check, it is often difficult to solve the case. The RFID technology solution is combined with video surveillance to achieve anti-theft tracking and dynamic management of electric vehicles.

Through the deployment of a large number of video surveillance network cameras integrated RFID function, the public security department once received the electric bicycle stolen alarm information, restore the electric trajectory and time of the electric bicycle, combined with the camera monitoring of the intersection, timely locate the suspect, fast Solve the case. The traffic control department can also collect the traffic information of each intersection through the electric bicycle real-time positioning monitoring system to provide data support for road management such as traffic signal control.

2. Community safety management

Community safety is closely related to the vital interests of our residents. Community safety incidents also occur from time to time, and trajectory tracking alarms for external vehicles are also an important means of reducing community safety incidents. Traditional cameras can only monitor and recognize motor vehicles entering and leaving the community, and cannot identify non-motor vehicles. Through the intelligent sensing RFID cameras deployed in the community entrance and exit, the vehicles in and out of the community are detected and perceived, and the vehicles that are not equipped with the RFID chips that are not consistent with the community are in and out, and the cameras are captured and alarmed. Dongguan rfid super The high-frequency handset manufacturer reminds the staff to pay attention.

3, channel management

Channel management includes personnel and vehicles or items. It is actually identifying and confirming the personnel or items entering and leaving the passage, deciding whether to release and recording, and alerting people or items that are not allowed to enter and exit, so as to achieve more strict management. Our common access control, library management, RF card supermarket anti-theft, non-feeing parking management system are all channel management.

Therefore, the IoT intelligent sensing camera, combined with the actual characteristics of modern cities, is supported by modern Internet of Things technology, communication technology and information technology, and follows the system's advanced nature, security, reliability, openness, scalability, and ease of maintenance. Guiding principles to build a new security system for smart cities.


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