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Using Internet of Things RFID technology to promote the development of the petroleum industry

News posted on: 2019/9/19 2:31:06 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Using Internet of Things RFID technology to promote the development of the petroleum industry

Using Internet of Things RFID technology to promote the development of the petroleum industry

The development of Internet of Things technology has always been the development of an industry. In today's society, the development of various industries is inseparable from technology, especially for the oil industry.

Through the information sensing device, the Internet of Things connects any object to the network according to the agreed protocol. The object exchanges information and communicates through the information media to realize intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, supervision and other functions.

There are two key technologies in the application of the Internet of Things in the petroleum industry, namely sensor technology and embedded technology.

The oil industry is an industrial sector that extracts oil (including natural oil, oil shale, natural gas) and refines it. It consists of oilfield geological exploration, oilfield development and oil exploration, transportation, refining and processing. Oil is the "blood" of industry and an important industrial energy source.

The work of the petroleum industry must be carried out in the preliminary work:

1. Do a good job in geological exploration, increase industrial reserves, and determine a reasonable ratio of storage and production;

2. Strengthen scientific and technological research in oil exploration, research and select reasonable mining technology and oil well distribution according to natural conditions and factors such as the size of reserves and the natural pressure of oil layers to improve the exploitation rate of oil fields;

3. Strengthen the construction of supporting projects for oilfield exploitation, and select a reasonable transportation mode while developing the oilfield;

4. Improve the production technology level and management level of petroleum refining and processing to ensure the automation and continuity of the production process.

As a long industrial chain, the oil industry effectively manages oil and requires advanced management concepts, technical means and methods. Effective management of all links in the industrial chain, the formation of closed-loop production process and equipment asset life cycle management, the technical characteristics of the Internet of Things rfid technology itself, is the best way to achieve the above-mentioned strategic and management objectives of the petroleum industry.

The Internet of Things technology is mainly used in the petroleum industry for logistics, product and asset tracking management, oil drilling monitoring, pumping wells and offshore oil platform monitoring, oilfield meter wireless meter reading, oil pipeline transportation monitoring and emergency management.

Oil development and production

1, drilling equipment manufacturing, transportation and warehousing: Embed RFID tags into the entire process of drill pipe manufacturing, monitoring the entire production process, including the storage, sale, distribution and use of qualified products, late rework of non-conforming products, etc. .

2. Trigger triggering of the perforating gun in the oil well: RFID technology was applied to the trigger of the perforating gun in the oil well in the production of crude oil, eliminating the lengthy and cumbersome gun gamma ray positioning tool, which saved the oil company a lot of money. .

3. Offshore oil engineering: The offshore oil exploration and development environment and equipment application environment are very harsh. The management method adopts the traditional manual recording method, which is very inconvenient. In the offshore oil exploration and production, the Internet of Things technology can be used to monitor all equipment in real time to ensure continuous production. stable.

Oil gathering

Using the Internet of Things and Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information System (GIS) and CMDA/GPRS communication technology to establish information monitoring platforms for drilling, oil pipelines and tank trucks in the petroleum industry, field drilling, oil tank transportation and oil pipelines for the petroleum industry The line is monitored in real time, and the status parameters of each monitoring instrument are wirelessly collected, thereby realizing centralized, efficient and unified management of resources.

Refining and chemical industry

1. Monitoring of refinery valves, piping and equipment: The refinery uses RFID tags to capture information on pressure safety relief valves, piping and process equipment in the main vessel to maintain critical parameters and process information associated with the record.

2. The refinery makes RFID an evacuation system: a refinery at BP, which enabled the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) personnel evacuation systems. This positioning security system will be used to track the whereabouts of more than 2,000 staff, contractors and visitors in the region, and will be able to better improve the hazardous chemicals management standards for safety management in the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

Oil storage and sales

1, product distribution: shipping activities and tanker tracking

In order to reduce the cost of fleet (fleet) operations, oil and gas companies must be able to manage their trucks and shipments in real time, minimizing the waiting time of higher cost vehicles and drivers, and optimizing asset performance, using RFID technology. A fleet management solution that tracks oil delivery and crude oil/gasoline tanker activities.

2, real-time monitoring of the oil depot

The storage conditions of petroleum are very strict. It is necessary to monitor the environment around the oil depot in real time, make full use of the wireless sensor network, and transmit the collected data to the monitoring center. The center processes the analysis and displays it, and also sends the processing result to the mobile. A monitor that can receive various parameter information of the oil depot in real time.

The Internet of Things has become the commanding height of future competition in the field of information technology and the core driving force for industrial upgrading. It has been widely applied to various fields, and its application in the petroleum industry plays a very important role.


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