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Embedded RFID Tire Tag​ in smart tires

News posted on: 2019/9/26 1:39:11 - by Levi - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Embedded RFID Tire Tag​ in smart tires

Embedded RFID Tire Tag in smart tires

RFID UHF Embedded Tire Tag.jpg

The so-called smart tires, in general, are the sensors and chips implanted in the tires. Through the whole process of monitoring the production and use of the tires, not only can the tracking and quality guarantee of the whole life cycle of the tires be realized, but also the tire manufacturers can reduce the tires. Manufacturing and improving costs, improving the efficiency of design, production, sales, and service. The tire pressure monitoring function that has been widely used at present is actually the most basic functional application of smart tires. In addition to tire pressure monitoring, smart tires also include tire temperature monitoring, tire friction monitoring, tire warning and control, tire condition automatic adjustment and many other components.

Through the tire embedded in the chip, the current pressure, temperature and vehicle information of the tire are provided to the driver, and the vehicle position is also positioned in real time. The French Michelin tires develop tires embedded in RFID tags. By inserting tire production and vehicle information into RFID tags that are sealed in the tires, the tires are bundled with the cars to realize the traceability recording function of the tires.

Compared with overseas, the domestic tire manufacturing industry has been relatively backward in technology. However, with the continuous breaking of technical barriers, intelligent network technology and 5G technology have gradually matured and landed. The intelligent tires created by the combination of intelligent network technology and tires will become an important breakthrough for domestic tire manufacturers to shorten the gap. It should be noted that although smart tires are a fusion of information technology and traditional tire technology, they have great development prospects. However, this technology is still in the initial stage of development from the current stage, and there are still many challenges in materials, manufacturing and sensors. For example, when the sensor is embedded in the tire, since the manufacturing process is in a high temperature and high pressure environment, the sensor and the electronic chip embedded therein are highly susceptible to environmental influences, resulting in performance degradation or sensitivity reduction. This has led to improvements in the manufacturing process for this problem in the manufacturing process.

On the one hand, the continuous development of intelligent network technology has broadened the road for smart tires. On the other hand, users have higher and higher requirements for driving safety. As the only part of the car that comes into contact with the road, the tire is the most important driving safety. The relevant laws and regulations issued by the state for automobile safety are becoming more and more strict, and all of these are jointly promoting the advancement of smart tire technology. For the Chinese tire manufacturing industry, which has always had a certain gap with the international tire manufacturers, the development of smart tires may be a breakthrough to shorten or even catch up with the world level, and the tires are intelligent or new.


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