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RFID airport equipment asset control provides an important guarantee for security

News posted on: 2019/10/8 5:34:36 - by Margaret - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID airport equipment asset control provides an important guarantee for security

RFID airport equipment asset control provides an important guarantee for security

RFID is a new high-tech, and its advanced nature has the ability to replace the old generation of identification technology. RFID technology has attracted the attention of all countries in the world. It will be put into the management of the airport with a new attitude to solve the heavy airport management problem! RFID airport equipment asset control provides an important guarantee for security.

The safety of the airport and the perfect equipment are very important, and it is also an important window for air portals and external communication. The traditional airport equipment inspection work is prone to data errors, inefficiency, inadequate supervision of inspection personnel, and irregular inspection standards. Such production management status is bound to cause loopholes in the modern management of airport equipment assets. The hidden dangers cannot be ignored. For this reason, it is imperative to introduce the advanced equipment inspection management concept, standard equipment inspection standards, and strengthen the application of high-tech in the inspection work. It is imperative to comprehensively improve the equipment inspection management level.

The main hardware of the system: RFID data acquisition terminal, reliable performance, support for the expansion of a variety of communication modules, data acquisition modules, can complete a variety of different applications. The RFID tag uses UHF UHF tags. The utility model has the advantages of long recognition distance, fast recognition speed and high recognition accuracy.

The successful launch of the project completely changed the equipment inspection mode of the airport, improved the inspection efficiency and data availability rate, realized the sharing of inspection data and equipment data, further standardized the inspection management process, and strengthened the inspection. The supervision of the work has brought the level of equipment inspection to a new level and has been unanimously recognized by users.

Solving baggage loss: The EPC test in the air transport system applies the EPC method in the air baggage transport system. In summary, the RFID tag is installed at the airport check-in counter, and is installed at the counter, baggage conveyor and cargo hold. Radio frequency identification reader. This allows the system to track baggage throughout the journey until the baggage reaches the passenger's hand. Solved the problem of baggage loss that has occurred in the past.

Warehousing management of goods: RFID technology can make electronic labels on the container, record the placement position, product category, date, etc., and through the EPC on the goods, you can always grasp the status of the goods according to the unique code of each product. , location, whether there is a loss, distribution, for warehouse management.

Transportation process and cargo tracking: The system can record and track the operation of the product in real time, accurately and completely, and can comprehensively and effectively strengthen the management from production, transportation, sales and other aspects of the product, and provide various perfect and easy to use. Query, statistics, data analysis and other functions. Each item can be set up with complete information inside the network, and the content, lines and logs of the goods tracking and management can be seen at a glance.

It saves the management cost of the airport and improves the work efficiency: It is understood that the phenomenon of misdelivery of baggage often occurs, and the airline must spend a fee each year to deal with these problems; therefore, the entire air transport system and related logistics companies hope to find it as soon as possible. A thorough solution. EPC technology can reduce this heavy cost for airlines.

Minimize the risk of aircraft accidents: firstly reduce the risk of aircraft maintenance errors. In the huge aircraft maintenance warehouse, professionally trained senior mechanics spend a lot of time checking the logs every day to find the right accessories on the plane. Using this outdated, inefficient way to find accessories for repairs not only makes mistakes often, but also wastes a lot of valuable time. The use of electronic tags on aircraft components enables quick and accurate display of component-related information, helping airlines to replace problematic parts more quickly and accurately. Thereby saving a lot of manpower and material resources. With the electronic tag installed in the aircraft position, the aircraft management personnel can clearly understand whether the life jackets in each position are in place and avoid the mistakes in an emergency.


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