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RFID technology boosts valve automation management in the oil and gas industry

News posted on: 2019/10/10 1:34:02 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology boosts valve automation management in the oil and gas industry

RFID technology boosts valve automation management in the oil and gas industry

In the past few years, the oil and gas development industry has used RFID to track various types of valves. With the continuous development of this technology, the application range of RFID in the oil and gas industry has been expanding, and the usage rate has increased year by year. RFID technology boosts the rapid management of valve automation in the oil and gas industry.

The most common way for the oil and gas industry to adopt RFID technology is to install RFID tags on various assets. Valve magazine has reported on the advantages of RFID in the oil and gas industry, in the warehouse. The reading and writing device is installed at the entrance of the cargo yard, and the various assets entering and leaving the warehouse can be recorded in real time. The biggest benefit of RFID technology is helping oil and gas developers and valve manufacturers reduce the tedious text work of recording asset usage, repairs and inspections.

A high-strength industrial-grade RFID tag that provides real-time, operational asset RFID solutions for the oil and gas development industry, ensuring that all assets are regularly maintained and inspected through RFID's automated tracking and logging capabilities for oil and gas development Businesses have reduced production delays due to asset downtime.

International oil giant Anadarko is automating the management of various valve assets using Protech Sales' Ontrase solution. The solution, through the installation of the Ontrase system, using idsTAG software and Xerafy's high-strength RFID tags, provides customers with a range of automated management functions for point-to-point valves from installation, use, maintenance and lubrication.

Read and write distance is an important consideration for automated tracking of valves. Carol Arnim, project manager at Anadarko, said that if the tag is long enough to read and write, it can help staff to read and write asset information more easily during equipment maintenance.

Xerafy is currently developing an RFID tag for valves that replaces existing steel nameplates, which will outperform existing valve RFID installations.

In addition to general asset management, RFID can also effectively improve the efficiency of remote asset MRO. Features large-capacity memory (32k) feature RFID tags allow users to repeatedly add, rewrite or edit asset information. The tag data format conforms to the industry published ISO/IEC 18000-6C (EPCglobal Gen2) guidelines and does not allow remote network access. Large-capacity tags provide the ability to store information records for remote work environments that are inconvenient to obtain information.


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