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Smart dental clinic application RFID system

News posted on: 2019/10/12 1:21:18 - by Blanche - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Smart dental clinic application RFID system

Smart dental clinic application RFID system

The Dental Medicine Center is located on the fifth floor of the Vanderbilt Clinic in Columbia, West 168th Street. Researchers have transformed this 15,000-square-foot space into the prototype of a future smart dental clinic. The entire space is divided into 48 small compartments. Each compartment has a custom dental chair.

Use a fully integrated RFID system to "track" all the labels from the patient's wristband to the dental device. The blue Ethernet cable underneath the raised floor transmits information to a nearby server that can track, record which patient is on which chair, when and where the instrument is used, and how long it lasts.

At this clinic, patients can first open their own medical services through online appointments. The patient will receive a smart bracelet with RFID technology for the next medical procedure. After wearing this bracelet, the clinic staff can know where the patient is, what step in the treatment, and also get the patient's medical information. In the traditional medical treatment procedure, the patient may extend the diagnosis and treatment process because the clinic or hospital where the patient is visiting does not have the medical information before the patient. But in a smart dental clinic, this doesn't happen.

The smart tooth chair of the clinic is equipped with an RFID-based tracker. The dental chair will begin to record when the patient begins treatment with the dentist. Through the recording of the data, the staff can know the waiting time of the patient and the time of the treatment. The RFID tracker on the dental chair can also interact with the patient's smart bracelet, read the last patient's preference for the dental chair setting, and then achieve a match through various adjustments such as the back angle.

Each smart dental chair has six tethered instruments. These instruments also integrate an RFID tracker. The system can record everything, fully understand the location and user of the instrument, the time of the last disinfection, time, and so on.

In addition, a camera is installed on each dental chair, which records each process of the operation and enables real-time sharing. The dental chair of the clinic allows colleagues to analyze the entire process or help other dentists analyze the diagnosis.

The clinic also adds facial recognition to the camera on the dental chair to further let the dentist know when the patient is experiencing stress or pain. This allows the dentist to know when the patient needs a break, or what the dentist is doing is painful, even if the patient is unable to communicate.

For patients with dental phobia, the most exciting thing is their pressure tracking technology. In the next six months, the clinic plans to equip its 48 dental chairs with a biofeedback system. These systems will measure the heart rate and oxygen content of the patient during the procedure.

Finally, the clinic's 3D milling machine can reduce the original two-week braces production time to 15 minutes. (Previously, the relevant data of the patient's teeth needs to be sent to the manufacturer, and then customized for the patient)

It should be noted that, at the end of the day, the high-tech of the clinic will have more advancement in dental medicine, but the patient's experience. All of the data collected by the patient during and after treatment can help improve the patient's dental care. For example, if the clinic points out that certain types of patients are more likely to experience complications during surgery than others, the dentist may use different treatments during treatment.

Currently, smart dental clinics are only a precedent. The head of information at Columbia University's Stomatology said to the news site outline: "Our smart dental clinics have generated interest in clinics across the country, and you may not have to wait too long to experience relaxing treatment on your dental chair. The days are gone.


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