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RFID system antenna monitoring radio

News posted on: 2019/10/12 1:23:27 - by Blanche - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID system antenna monitoring radio

RFID system antenna monitoring radio

Public safety radio systems provide radio coverage for emergency responders, especially where public spaces cannot use two-way radio. At present, more and more local police and fire departments are requesting the installation of antennas and keeping them in good working order to supervise safety.

A system for monitoring the health of the antenna network can be used to ensure radio communication in an emergency. The critical point antenna monitoring system monitors the public safety Service antenna in real time, using UHF RFID technology to ensure that the life safety system remains in good working order.

Public safety communication systems, including the Service Antenna and the Donor Antenna, ensure that signals are sent when emergency personnel enter the building and attempt to use their radio. However, like any device, Service antennas distributed around buildings are prone to failure. In an emergency, firefighters such as fire scenes urgently need to use radio. At this time, the good working condition of these Service antennas may be a matter of life and death. Of course, in order to achieve this function, it is necessary to first build a passive RFID tag in the Service antenna.

The critical point antenna monitoring system can help those who use the antenna to track the operating status of their network. The passive RFID electronic tag built into the Service antenna can only react to the inquiry when the device is working properly. Without such a system, staff might have to walk through each building to test the antennas one by one, which is very time consuming.

Through UHF RFID technology, long-distance transmission of public safety radio information can be realized, and it can be confirmed whether the antenna is in a normal working state. If the Service antenna fails, the RFID system will not receive the interrogation signal or send a response transmission signal. At this time, the system detects that the RFID electronic tag is not responding, and can know which Service antenna is not working properly, thereby issuing an alarm to the alarm panel and indicating the problem.


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