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RFID technology helps information management of prison tools

News posted on: 2019/10/14 1:54:35 - by Anna - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology helps information management of prison tools

RFID technology helps information management of prison tools

Since prison labor tools are at risk of being used for illegal purposes by prisoners, it is necessary to manage the tools. The traditional prison tool management adopts the manual method, and the efficiency is not high. It is urgent to realize the effective management of the tools through the use of information technology and reduce the risk of illegal use of tools. The increasingly prominent problems such as lack of police force have changed the service mode of "human defense" in the past, which is of great significance for ensuring the normal and efficient operation of prison management and speeding up the construction of prison information.

Prison tool management needs classification

Prison labor tool management is roughly divided into three categories according to the use scenarios:

1) Tool management for curing on the work surface. Such tools need to monitor in real time whether they are on the work surface.

2) Tool management that is borrowed every day. Such tools are usually placed in the workshop tool cabinet, delivered to work every day, and recycled after work.

3) Tool management for sporadic use. Such tools are usually placed in the tool warehouse, borrowed when they are used, and returned when they are used up.

The previous pilot technical management solutions for prisons in various places mainly included two-dimensional code solutions, 900M passive RFID technology solutions, and multi-frequency RFID technology solutions.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of various programs as follows:

Two-dimensional code scheme: The advantage of the two-dimensional code scheme is that the cost is low, and the cost of pasting the two-dimensional code label on each tool is very low. The prominent defect is easy to be stained, requires close scanning, and the tool inventory management experience is not good.

900M passive RFID technology solution: 900M passive RFID technology uses 900M passive electronic tag, which can be pasted or hung on the tool, and is not affected by the stain compared with the QR code tag. In the early stage, most of the pilot tools in the prisons used 900M passive RFID solutions. The actual results in the pilot process were very unsatisfactory, mainly reflected in the low accuracy of reading, the large impact of interference, and the lack of tamper alarm. The fundamental reason why the 900M passive RFID technology solution is not ideal is that the 900M passive RFID technology is susceptible to occlusion in principle, and in the actual environment, the tool is occluded. This results in a high cost of using the 900M passive RFID technology solution, and the actual reading effect is similar to that of the two-dimensional code.

Multi-frequency active RFID technology solution. The multi-frequency active RFID technology solution is a program that has been piloted in recent years. It is also the recommended scheme for Guangzhou Minjin to focus on the status of prison tool management. The main disadvantage is the high cost of the label; its advantage is that it can perfectly meet the prison tool management needs, and the user experience is better, so that the prison tool management system can be used.

Curing tool management on the work surface. Nowadays, prisons usually use chains to fix tools on the work surface, and manual time counts are registered on the tool register. For the tools fixed on the countertop, the police hope to realize the real-time inventory of the tools and the in-position monitoring without changing the existing management mode and without increasing the burden of the police. The number of tools can be counted in real time and uploaded to the command center and the police work station. The tool can promptly alert when it leaves the table. When the tool leaves the workshop, it can promptly alert.

Tool borrowing management: Now the prison tool borrowing and management is basically a paper registration method. The police hope to realize self-service borrowing, electronic registration, and automatic real-time reading through the tools in the tool cabinet to prevent the tools from being returned.

Tool inventory: Now the prison tool inventory is basically manual inventory, the police hope to achieve manual + automated inventory, while improving efficiency, manual review to avoid accidents.

The RFID prison intelligent management system is a safe and reliable intelligent management system that distinguishes prison inmates and managers and connects each person in the management system with each other in reality. Realizing the informatization of the prison management system in the true sense! Introducing RFID technology into the prison management industry, proposed an improved RFID application method for integrated prison management, and proposed the overall planning and design of the entire management system. Under the background of prison information construction, the advanced RFID technology, computer technology, network communication technology, automatic control technology, active detection technology, digital image codec technology and multimedia technology are used to realize the function of prison information system. Claim.


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