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RFID technology helps cold storage applications

News posted on: 2019/10/14 1:59:05 - by Anna - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology helps cold storage applications

RFID technology helps cold storage applications

As the central link of low-temperature circulation of food, cold storage requires strict technical control in cold storage environment, storage capacity, scientific management, and electronic technology. The good operating environment has promoted the development of intelligent cold storage, and has gradually become a trend of technological development. The development of refrigerators has entered a new stage with the development of intelligent cold storage. In the direction of intelligent development, there has always been a clear goal. Therefore, the automation operation of the cold storage industry is regarded as a development focus, the call for efficient development, the management and technology of cold storage have been strengthened, and the adjustment of industrial structure has been promoted. The transformation of the regular growth pattern. What kind of spark will the cold storage and RFID technology shine?

Introduce RFID technology and innovative IoT applications, and carry out refined and intelligent management of various operations such as “incoming inspection, warehousing, delivery, transfer, transfer, shifting, inventory counting” of cold storage, and promote various innovation profits. The model saves operating costs, improves service quality, increases business benefits, and helps you achieve refined and intelligent cold storage management.

The RFID intelligent cold storage management information system has the following advantages:

Flexible architecture: intelligent cold storage management information system design, built under the framework of overall information planning, using the "original model" structure to ensure data, control, business, interface classification, for future business development, system expansion, external systems Access provides structural support.

Mature technology: Combine the entire warehouse management with RFID technology to ensure that the system can efficiently complete various business operations, improve warehouse management, and improve efficiency and value.

Function customization: At the same time as meeting the current cold storage business, the system provides functional switches for integrated management of RFID and barcode technology, providing system guarantee for more refined management in the future.

Expanded and enriched: The system realizes some functions of “asset management, intelligent distribution, logistics management, office automation, information release and notification, e-commerce”, which will lay the foundation for customers to use information technology at a higher level in the future.

The cold chain consists of four aspects: freezing processing, frozen storage, refrigerated transportation and distribution, and frozen sales. Cold chain logistics management refers to a systematic project in which temperature sensitive products are always in the specified low temperature environment during production, storage, transportation, sales, and consumption, in order to ensure the quality of goods and reduce logistics losses. It is a low-temperature logistics process based on refrigeration technology and using refrigeration technology as a means.

RFID technology is the best way to solve the cold chain logistics information integration. RFID radio frequency technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically recognizes target objects and acquires relevant data through radio frequency signals. The identification work can work in various harsh environments without manual intervention. Compared with bar code technology, RFID can save more time and manpower, material resources, reduce production costs and improve work efficiency. The advantage is that it is not limited to the line of sight, the recognition distance is farther than the optical system, the radio frequency identification card has the function of reading and writing, can store a large amount of data, and has certain intelligence, and is difficult to forge.

Firstly, RFID technology is fully applied in the cold storage and storage department. The hardware and software of the RFID system can be integrated with our inventory management and automatic control to smoothly realize data identification, data collection, data exchange and storage, ensuring the storage link to the entire cold chain. support. The automation of data entry by the RFID system can reduce a large amount of human and material consumption, and can also achieve dynamic real-time control of the cold storage inventory:

Operation of warehousing, warehousing and transfer: When the goods with RFID tags enter and leave the warehouse, the readers at the exiting population will automatically read the tags without manual scanning. Based on the information obtained, the management system automatically updates the inventory to achieve automatic operation. Combining the data exchange between the handheld terminal equipment of the library management personnel and the RFID tag of the computer and the goods, the accurate correspondence between the goods and the storage position can be realized, thereby realizing complete inbound and outbound storage and transfer control.

Inventory Counting: There is no need to manually check or scan barcodes when inventorying, so the workload and unnecessary loss during inventory are greatly reduced, and the tracking operation of RFID technology makes the location of the goods more precise and specific.

Integrating personnel in and out of the library control: The system will integrate the RFID tags used by the relevant personnel, and realize the functions of comparing the inbound and outbound time of the shipments while realizing the inbound and outbound control.

Real-time monitoring of cargo temperature changes: The temperature collected by the temperature sensor is periodically written into the chip of the RFID tag. When the RFID tag is connected to the RFID reader antenna signal, the temperature data in the RFID chip is uploaded to the RFID reader. Backend system processing. This system can monitor the temperature change of warehouse goods in real time, real-time monitoring and early warning management.

In the direction of intelligent development, there has always been a clear goal. Therefore, the automation operation of the cold storage industry is regarded as a development focus, responding to the state's call for energy conservation, environmental protection, consumption reduction, and efficient development, management and technology of cold storage. Strengthened, and further promoted the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation of the regular growth pattern. With the continuous development of technology in the cold storage, coupled with the implementation of the implementation of international standards, the company has gradually been on the track of rapid high-end technology development, to greatly accelerate the intelligent process of the cold storage industry. At present, RFID technology is bringing a huge change to the refinement management of cold storage, to identify the advantages of long distance, fast, not easy to damage, large capacity, simplify complicated workflow, and effectively improve management efficiency and business transparency.


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