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Huawei released smart card technology and upgraded mobile phone card experience with AI and NFC

News posted on: 2019/10/22 1:34:30 - by Lynne - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Huawei released smart card technology and upgraded mobile phone card experience with AI and NFC

Huawei released smart card technology and upgraded mobile phone card experience with AI and NFC

With the continuous innovation of mobile technology and the maturity of NFC technology, mobile payment has covered many life scenes such as travel, shopping and community. In recent years, Huawei has continued to innovate the NFC experience of mobile phones. From the first launch of the Huawei Pay UnionPay mobile phone, it has realized the storage of various card certificates, door keys, car keys, etc. in one mobile phone, including support. 123 bank cards, 30 transportation cards, support for access cards, corporate cards, and innovative implementation of eID and other electronic licenses loaded into mobile phones. More and more cards can be stored in mobile phones, which makes the NFC technology of smart phones have more application scenarios and brings a rich consumer experience. Technological innovation has made mobile finance and digital life more and more convenient.

For the mobile phone wallet with more and more cards, Huawei Innovation proposes the smart flash card technology. Through AI empowerment, the mobile phone NFC realizes intelligent recognition, context awareness, automatic matching and quickly evokes corresponding cards, realizing the ability to quickly swipe cards under scene switching. No need to manually select cards, bringing users a smooth and efficient mobile phone card experience. In addition, the "Smart Flash Card" technology can recommend preferential bank cards for users' intelligence. After the payment is completed, they can also become a merchant member with one click, and enjoy the member discount and accumulated member points while spending, simplifying the operation process and simultaneously for the user. Create the ultimate card experience. At present, the smart card technology has been launched in the model equipped with Huawei EMUI10.0, and more functions will be launched on more models.

While realizing breakthroughs in NFC application technology, Huawei also hopes to continue to enhance mobile payment and digital life experiences with industry partners. Zhang Pingan called for the establishment of an industry alliance at the conference site, "to jointly develop NFC AID industry standards, so that NFC non-connected equipment in various industries can meet this standard, so that innovation in the field of mobile payment will benefit smart travel, smart home, smart park, etc. In many scenarios, we continue to practice deep integration innovation and technology multi-directional empowerment, making mobile terminals an important carrier of smart mobile finance. Currently, Huawei has launched the NFC Experience Innovation Studio, which can be used between non-connected devices and mobile terminals. Provide a better standard testing environment to create a smart experience.


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