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RFID technology helps auto assembly line

News posted on: 2019/10/24 1:12:31 - by Blanche - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology helps auto assembly line

RFID technology helps auto assembly line

The diversification and individualization of modern cars requires that a car assembly line can be equipped with different types of cars, so it is necessary to strictly control the data assembly work of the car assembly line assembly, while the traditional data collection work mainly relies on manual acquisition mode or bar code. Acquisition mode, this method has the disadvantages of unsatisfactory assembly data acquisition, low collection efficiency, large data acquisition error, etc. In order to solve this problem, RFID technology is applied to the automobile assembly line to realize the assembly information in the assembly process of the automobile. Timely and accurate collection, informationization of the car assembly process.

Strategic Analysis of RFID Technology in Automobile Assembly Line

The successful application of RFID technology in automotive assembly lines requires consideration of technical feasibility and management. Both are indispensable. Therefore, it is important to analyze the application strategy of RFID technology in the assembly process of the whole vehicle.

1. The specific implementation of RFID technology in the automobile assembly line

First, on the automotive assembly line using RFID technology, the RFID tag is placed on the pallet carrying the body and can be moved along with the pallet, so that a database can be formed, and the database can be moved with the assembly, and the assembly line can be managed according to the enterprise. The requirements and assembly process install the reader at the relevant location and complete the assembly of the car, while ensuring the accuracy of the assembly.

Secondly, in order to enable the reader to quickly and efficiently read the information in the tag, the tag should be as standard, reasonable, applicable, and unique as possible. Therefore, the coding should be simplified as much as possible to avoid being too long. In terms of managing the reader code, in order to better locate the reader, the code of the reader should be combined with the workshop and station information where the reader is located. The capacity of the label mounted on the tray is much higher than that of the barcode, but its capacity is still limited, and when the label stores too much information, its read and write speed will also be affected, so the information in the label should not be Contains assembly information, and should be assembled by means of reader-writer code to assemble vehicle information, tag codes, and industrial information.

Finally, because the development trend of the vehicle in a certain period of time is more personalized and higher quality requirements, the assembly line must avoid various forms of misassembly, so in order to verify the correctness of the assembly, in addition to the installation of the key station In addition to the writer, an auxiliary reader should be set up to help assemblers identify critical components.

2. Management specifications of RFID technology in automobile assembly line

First of all, the assembler should ensure that the tag is not read with metal objects or other objects that affect the tag reading and is brought into the reader reading area, as this will read the writer. Labels have a certain impact, and even lead to reading failure.

Secondly, in the work station with key components, the relevant tags of key components should also be avoided within the working range of the main reader, as this will cause the reader to fail to read the car body label due to misreading the component tags.

Finally, employees are not allowed to bring mobile phones, Bluetooth and other communication devices into the workshop where the RFID system is deployed. This is because the wireless signals and various electromagnetic waves emitted by these communication devices will interfere with the normal operation of the reader.


Based on careful analysis of the application of RFID technology, the paper puts forward the proposal of introducing RFID technology into China's automobile assembly line, and puts forward the specific implementation strategy of using RFID technology in automobile assembly line. By introducing RFID technology in data collection, it helps car companies to effectively manage and control the entire assembly, greatly reduce errors in the assembly process, improve the management level of the enterprise, and realize the informationization and networking of the assembly process of the car. At the same time, it reduces the operating costs of the company and achieves standard and orderly production activities.


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