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CCT Technology uses RFID technology to give life to buildings

News posted on: 2019/10/25 1:01:01 - by Margaret - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

CCT Technology uses RFID technology to give life to buildings

CCT Technology uses RFID technology to give life to buildings

With the rapid development of technology information and digitalization, it is not surprising that access control face recognition, fingerprint recognition and so on. But for cold-rolled building beams, columns, slabs, stairs, walls and other prefabricated parts, as long as you use your mobile phone to scan the QR code of its "body", you can immediately know its birth time, location, height and weight. , what material is composed, what team is doing, and so on.

Xie Xiang introduced that the purpose of this is that Party A, the supervisor, and the construction workers can understand the relevant information of each component at any time by scanning the two-dimensional code, and endow the building with “life”, which is conducive to the quality management and traceability tracking of the prefabricated components. .

At the same time, Zhongjian Technology Co., Ltd. also innovatively used a non-contact automatic identification technology-RFID technology to overcome the problem of corrosion of RFID chips in concrete strong alkali environment and the interference of embedded steel bars on RFID chips. The erasable RFID chip is implanted to realize recycling, and the readable and readable PDA is automatically collected in key processes, and uploaded to the background management system in real time to realize real-time traceability and quality control of building components.

Seen at the scene, two large-scale CNC steel processing machines are busy, only two or three young masters operate in front of the computer, from the stretching of the steel bars, to the cutting, to the cutting, to the welding, all through the technician computer Digital production control is achieved after programming, and the production efficiency brought by the digital steel production line is obvious.

With the successful development of the digital smart management platform, the PC factory management resources will be integrated, and the big data industry and cloud platform will be integrated to open up the entire industry chain of design, production, construction and management, and the factory will become the industry-leading smart factory in Guizhou Province. At present, the overall hardware and software arrangement of the smart factory is completed, some hardware devices have been put into use, Huawei cloud server is deployed, and the SQL2012 database is deployed. The factory has realized the information flow management of prefabricated component production to shipment, with RFID and QR code as carriers. Components from the beginning of production, steel cage into the mold, concealed inspection, inspection of finished products, storage, loading, component installation and other important aspects of monitoring and control, real-time upload of component status data, personnel, components, warehousing, logistics and other management, Realize the informationization, intelligent management and production of the factory.

Li Sheng, general manager of China Construction Technology Co., Ltd. Guizhou Branch, said in an interview that in order to promote the development of the assembly-building industry in Guizhou Province, with the support of the Ministry of Construction and Construction of Guizhou Province and the Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Housing and Construction, December 2017 As a key central enterprise for investment promotion in Xifeng County, China Construction Technology Co., Ltd. settled in the Xifeng Industrial Park and invested in the construction of the Guizhou Xifeng Circular Economy Assembly Building Construction Industry Base. In May 2019, the China Construction Science and Technology Guizhou Green Building Industrial Park was the first in Guizhou Province. The green building standard assembly base was put into production operation.

Since its establishment in Guizhou, CSC has adhered to the green and intelligent assembly-building business as its core, and has vigorously developed green buildings, fabricated buildings, energy-efficient buildings, modular buildings, passive buildings, and new building materials to create investment, planning, design and production. The whole-life green industrial chain, construction, operation and maintenance, focusing on “six major markets”, implementing R&D, design, manufacturing, procurement and construction in the field of prefabricated construction. REMPC five-in-one project general contracting Advanced technology to create a whole-life green industrial chain integrating investment, planning, design, production, construction, operation and maintenance, which will drive the entire industry chain of upstream, downstream, transportation, logistics, building materials, construction and labor market. To promote the employment of thousands of people, will lead the rapid development of Guizhou's new building industrialization, and contribute to the development of Guizhou's "big ecology".


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