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RFID technology helps prisons automatically name

News posted on: 2019/10/29 2:35:31 - by Norah - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology helps prisons automatically name

RFID technology helps prisons automatically name

System introduction: RFID prison automatic name system is a safe and reliable statistical prisoner number, identification of prison inmates, intelligent management system that manages everyone's information in the system and each person in reality, from the true meaning Into the realization of prison management information, step into the "to the science and technology to police force" approach.

The RFID Prison Automatic Name System is a set of software and hardware application systems specially designed and developed for the management needs of prison inmates using the world's most advanced passive radio frequency identification technology. RFID technology has been widely used in prison management in the United States, the Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries. Practice has proved to be a very efficient and reliable management technology.


Prison Police Information Management: In the Prison Police Information Management Module, you can record the number of the police officer named the prison guard, the name of the person, and the password of the login system.

Prison personnel management: In the prison personnel management module, you can name the prison personnel who need to be responsible when the prison guards log in to the system (by logging in with the handheld device supported by the system). When the name is named, each person's avatar will appear. The specific information is convenient for the management personnel to confirm the identity, and the reading efficiency is high and the distance is long, which is convenient for the operation of the management personnel. After the prison guard is finished, the information can be uploaded in real time. The information will be uploaded to the server of the management center through the wireless network to facilitate the management of information and the retention of files.

Point name record management: In the point name record management module, the operator can check the previous point name record, or confirm the point of the relevant person through a specific point name record. The management cost of the prison has been greatly reduced, and the management efficiency of the prison has been greatly improved.


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