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RFID technology makes car network traffic run smoother

News posted on: 2019/11/4 9:35:53 - by Blanche - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology makes car network traffic run smoother

RFID technology makes car network traffic run smoother

The Internet of Vehicles is extended in the Internet of Things. RFID wireless radio frequency technology is used to manage vehicles to realize pedestrians, cars, roads and cities as carriers in the life, and to interact with vehicles to realize intelligent and dynamic traffic management. , information-based integrated network construction. Supervise the operation status of vehicles on the road and provide corresponding services. RFID technology makes the Internet of vehicles traffic smoother.

Provides a safer driving style through RFID technology + car networking + Internet of Things. The vehicle network can analyze and calculate other vehicles on the road in advance according to the information provided by the network, such as traffic, vehicles, road conditions, etc., select the best driving route, and improve the traffic capacity and efficiency of the road. One of the core technologies in the Internet of Vehicles is to use RFID sensor technology to automatically identify vehicles, roads, buildings and other objects and obtain relevant data, and then integrate the information through short-range wireless data transmission and information fusion to extract traffic jams. Content related to driving safety. Key Technologies of Sensors The main advantages of RFID in the Internet of Vehicles are the ability to identify multiple objects in high-speed operation with technology, and to facilitate the mutual transmission of information between vehicles in the vehicle network. Active RFID technology is recommended for communication in the Internet of Vehicles because it provides farther read and write distances and enables active sensing. Compared with other transmission technologies, active RFID has many obvious advantages, such as good security, waterproof and anti-magnetic, long service life, small size and light weight, and large data storage.

The mature voice technology enables the owner to tell the demand and signal of the Internet through voice, and receive the service sent by the car network. The voice technology is very suitable for the fast moving object of the car. Collect and calculate a large amount of speech recognition data, and then use the network computing technology to build a unique car audio network voice platform engine based on the mobile Internet environment to realize the recognition of multiple languages and even dialects.

The research and development of RFID technology, through the realization of the important procedures of data transmission, filtering and data format conversion between RFID hardware devices and application systems, the data information collected by RFID is extracted, decrypted, filtered, converted and input into the Internet of Vehicles through middleware. In the application, and through the application system to the application interface of the terminal system, human-computer interaction is realized. There are many applications in the Internet of Vehicles. The development of multiple applications has increased the speed and difficulty of the development of the Internet of Vehicles. The emergence of RFID middleware has provided a turning point for this situation, through the development of various middleware, such as traffic signal control middleware. Vehicle assisted driving middleware, emergency handling middleware, vehicle routing navigation middleware, etc. Each middleware is developed according to the standards and requirements of the Internet of Vehicles application service, so the development of the entire vehicle networking application service will be more effective.

Applying cloud computing to vehicle networking products not only greatly improves business processing efficiency, but also provides more accurate services to industry users. Combined with the platform's latest real-time data and powerful computing capabilities, it provides more powerful support as a service. Through the integration of big data in the background, the live sections are transmitted, and the optimal travel route is used for real-time intelligent navigation. RFID technology boosts the vehicle network to make traffic management smoother.


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