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RFID technology and drones will spark how sparks

News posted on: 2019/11/8 1:12:03 - by Lynne - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology and drones will spark how sparks

RFID technology and drones will spark how sparks

With the increasing use of RFID technology, more and more applications in life, the combination of UAV and RFID technology, to a large extent to improve the intelligence of the drone. In addition to delivery, drones play a role in many applications, enabling drones to read data during flight.

The Cal Poly research project found that drones using RFID readers can read labels attached to steel or utility pipes with 95% to 100% accuracy. Oilfields typically require the storage of thousands of pipe fittings (steel pipes for drilling operations) that are stored in different areas of the field, so inventory management is a very time consuming task. Using RFID technology, RFID readers can be read within the range of electronic tagged items.

But in a large storage site, deploying a fixed reader is not realistic, and regular reading with a handheld reader is time consuming. By attaching RFID tags to dozens of caps or pipe insulators, UAVs attached to UHF readers are typically capable of reading passive UHF RFID tags at distances of approximately 12 feet. This solution not only solves the error that is easy to occur in manual management, but also greatly improves the efficiency of the work. However, in large storage areas, customers need to arrange a dedicated person to "watch" the drone in order to replace the battery in time.

The MIT research team has achieved a more convenient inventory lookup by combining RFID technology with drones. Compared to barcodes, the information contained on RFID tags can be changed more widely and easily, and is also cheaper.

The drone with an RFID reader can replace the people who are in stock and get the job done faster with less trouble. A tall box that a person needs a ladder or an elevator to enter can be easily reached by a drone, which can be programmed to independently navigate the space, and they are more accurate and efficient than performing large-scale repetitive tasks. Management is better.

By providing the drone with a tiny relay, it is like a Wi-Fi repeater. The drone receives the signal sent from the remote RFID reader and then forwards it to read nearby electronic tags. Since the relay is small, this means that a smaller drone can be used, plastic parts can be used, it can accommodate a narrower space, and there is no danger of personal injury, which not only eliminates the need for additional RFID readers, but also allows Small drones do the same work as large drones.

The perfect combination of RFID technology and drones enables information management and control of inventory and coordination of supply chains. The RFID drone improves the work efficiency of the staff to a large extent, greatly reduces labor costs, optimizes inventory levels, and tracks asset management and control. FRID drones can replace some manpower to complete warehouse inventory work, especially when the goods are placed on high shelves, then it is more convenient and quick to use the drone to check the goods, and some high temperature or dangerous space under bad links, use no It is also safer for the man-machine to complete the work.


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