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Sharjah launches new electric mobile waste collection device

News posted on: 2019/11/12 1:16:43 - by Norah - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Sharjah launches new electric mobile waste collection device

Sharjah launches new electric mobile waste collection device

Bee'ah has introduced a single-seater that can withstand nearly 200 kilograms of weight.

Tandeef, a waste collection and management division of Bee'ah, an environmental company based in Sharjah, one of the United Arab Emirates, has added the Ducati electric mobile waste collection unit to its existing fleet.

Developed by Ducati Energy, a subsidiary of the Italian Ducati Group, this single-seater is capable of withstanding nearly 200 kilograms of weight, including the driver, at speeds of up to 5 kilometers per hour.

The "shed" charging station for electric vehicles will be installed in the residential area of Sharjah. The “shed” charging station is fully integrated into a network that connects energy suppliers to electric vehicles and meets the highest standards in Europe. The unit is also equipped with RFID technology and a remote connection to the central office to monitor the fleet and its operation.

This innovative electric vehicle (EV) is the first electric vehicle in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is the latest in Bee'ah's existing electric vehicle range. The deployment of the electric mobile waste collection device is consistent with the environmentally friendly strategy of Bee 'ah's entire company fleet.

Currently, Bee'ah has 1,200 cars, managed by a smart fleet management system, which helps optimize resource consumption and fleet operations.

The high efficiency of the electric mobile waste collection device also helps to improve standard safety practices in the workplace as it reduces the number and frequency of manual operations in direct sunlight.

Beehah Group CEO Khaled Al Huraimel said: "Bee'ah's goal is to allow the entire fleet to operate on clean energy in the next few years. The new team supports Bee by adopting environmentally friendly solutions and strengthening its commitment to reduce carbon emissions. 'ah's goal of improving air quality and improving the living standards of the UAE further advances the company's sustainability agenda." This initiative demonstrates Bee'ah's efforts to improve the quality of life and create sustainable living in this part of the UAE.


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