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New Zhongshan Memorial Library introduces RFID technology to help intelligentize book lending management

News posted on: 2019/11/15 1:45:00 - by Anna - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

New Zhongshan Memorial Library introduces RFID technology to help intelligentize book lending management

New Zhongshan Memorial Library introduces RFID technology to help intelligentize book lending management

On November 12th, on the 153th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Yat-sen, the newly-recognized Zhongshan Memorial Library was officially put into trial operation. As of press time, 5,558 people walked into the library on the 12th and felt the new style. “Spacious and comfortable”, “high value”, “connotation”, “new landmarks, new punches”... The citizens commented when they visited the library. The team of the architectural design team of the memorial library said that the opening of the new museum is only the first page of the “big book of the city”, and the general public is empowering and giving the soul to the library. This is inconsistent with the idea of Lumei, director of the Zhongshan Memorial Library. "I hope that the public will really walk into the library, feel it, use it well, and grow with it, because the citizen is the real master of the library."

On the opening ceremony of the new library building on the 12th, Mr. Sun Yat-sen, Mr. Sun Sunbida specially rushed to the museum. He told everyone that Mr. Sun Yat-sen liked reading very much in his life. He had a deep relationship with the library and had a relationship with the library. Deep fate. At the age of 13 from the library in Honolulu, Mr. Sun Yat-sen walked into the hall of the library. Even though he took refuge in London, he was still in the library of the British Museum Library. Later, when he arrived in Shanghai in 1918, Mr. Sun Yat-sen prepared to write the "Founding Strategy". In addition to accessing materials in the library in Shanghai, he also bought a large number of books and himself. The house creates a library. He was praised by his contemporaries as the "hands-free" and "all-in-one" example. He once said: "My hobby in my life, except for the revolution, only good reading. I can't live without reading a day."

"In 1935, the Zhongshan County Government commemorated Mr. Sun Yat-sen to build the Zhongshan Memorial Library on the east side of the Zhongshan Overseas Doshisha Site. Later, Mr. Song Qingling personally inscribed the name of the museum - Zhongshan Memorial Library, which is also the title of today's new museum. More than 80 years Come, from the earliest 800 square meters of the building to the new building of more than 50,000 square meters today, I am very pleased. I deeply feel that it is not only the bloodline that connects with Mr. Sun Yat-sen, but also the spirit of reading in the hometown of great men. Inheritance and development.” Mr. Sun Bida said that the layout of the new pavilion is magnificent and the facilities are warm and comfortable, which has created a good reading atmosphere for the citizens. I believe the Zhongshan Memorial Library will get better and better.

On the first day of the opening, many citizens walked into the library to enjoy the book. Just stopped the car on the first floor, Ms. Lin went to the main desk on the first floor of the library with a green cloth bag. “Can I return the book here?” Ms. Lin’s bag is full of books, hands Also holding two reader cards. Under the guidance of the staff, Ms. Lin returned all 19 books in less than one minute.

Ms. Lin, who usually likes to read, often goes to the Huakai branch of the Zhongshan Memorial Library to read books with her two children. For her, the library is not only a good place to learn knowledge, but also more convenient for family life. "Sometimes we have to go out to do things, we will put the children in the library, it is safe and secure." In order to borrow more books, Ms. Lin has also done several kinds of borrowing cards, going once a week. "Before Huakai, parking was too inconvenient, and I was often copied, but I am not worried at all." Seeing the environment of the new venue, Ms. Lin’s biggest feeling is "big" and "pretty", but sufficient The parking space is more comfortable for her. “The new pavilion is particularly cultural, with murals, stained glass walls, and plenty of seats for people to rest and read. It feels very comfortable after coming in.” Ms. Lin said that the most important thing in the library is the environment and books. Quality, "This way our citizens can have a better reading enjoyment. On weekends, I will also take my children to the new hall, too much space waiting for us to discover."

In front of the self-service loan and card-integrating machine on the first floor, many citizens are queuing to apply for a new card here. “It’s too convenient, brush your face, swipe your card, and get it in a minute.” Liu Laobo, who just finished his body in Xingzhongyuan With the help of volunteers, he will open a new card. He told reporters that from now on, he will come to Xingzhong Park. In addition to exercising, he can also go to the library to read books, and he will take two birds with his own eyes. 


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