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Haier Bio's first RFID full coverage smart city vaccine network landing in Shenzhen

News posted on: 2019/11/15 1:47:04 - by Anna - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Haier Bio's first RFID full coverage smart city vaccine network landing in Shenzhen

Haier Bio's first RFID full coverage smart city vaccine network landing in Shenzhen

On November 8, the announcement from the official website of the Shenzhen Municipal Government Procurement Center showed that Haier Biotech as a co-creator of the project successfully won the bid for the Shenzhen Vaccine Smart Cabinet Project, with a total project value of more than 30 million. It is understood that Shenzhen will create a “vaccine network” scenario with Haier Bio, which will cover all 538 vaccination sites in Shenzhen, and realize the citywide coverage of the IoT smart vaccination solution. The first smart city vaccine will be built nationwide. The network provides intelligent and humanized vaccination services for more than one million children in Shenzhen, and will form a leading role in the country.

Will build the country's first smart city vaccine network

Article 10 of the Vaccine Management Law, which was just introduced this year, stipulates that a national vaccine electronic traceability collaboration platform should be established to realize the traceability of the entire vaccine process and trace back to the smallest single package. Haier Bio's vaccine network program, based on the “Haile Miao” vaccination box network, links the vaccination portal, export and other scenarios, can achieve traceability of the last mile of vaccination, and provides a landing plan for the implementation of the vaccine management law. .

According to the experts, in addition to the polio attenuated live vaccine, it is required to be stored in the dark at -20 °C. The transportation process can be carried out under cold storage conditions. The other vaccines are required to be 2 °C~ Store and transport at 8 ° C protected from light. Haier Biotech combines IoT software and hardware based on RFID technology and network communication technology with self-developed low-temperature storage products to upgrade traditional storage equipment providers to IoT technology eco-brands, opening up a new enthusiasm for industry innovation.

In the past five years, the number of newborns in Shenzhen has exceeded 200,000 per year. In order to create a healthy and safe vaccination environment for children's parents, Shenzhen and Haier Biotech jointly launched the wisdom of the 538 vaccination sites in the city. Different from the traditional parent “three unknown” vaccination, the smart vaccine solution is centered on the human experience, the information is automatically matched, and the whole process information is transparent. Parents can check the information on the terminal equipment and liberate the manual registration of the medical staff. Work, and can be traced back to the smallest single vaccine, greatly improving the government's vaccine supervision.

Since the official launch of the vaccine network in 2018, Haier Biotechnology has been applied in community inoculation sites in more than 20 provinces and cities in Tianjin, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and other countries. The Haier Bio and Shenzhen jointly created a city vaccine network to realize the layout from “point” to “face”, which will become the first smart city vaccine network in the country to reshape the urban vaccine safety ecology.


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