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RFID technology bottled water to achieve "one bucket and one yard" to make drinking water safer

News posted on: 2019/11/20 1:38:03 - by Norah - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology bottled water to achieve "one bucket and one yard" to make drinking water safer

RFID technology bottled water to achieve "one bucket and one yard" to make drinking water safer

With the improvement of living standards, the quality of life is constantly changing. Drinking water is an indispensable part of life. RFID technology has been recognized in various industries, and its identification and anti-counterfeiting technology has allowed food safety to be fully certified. Bottled water is currently one of the main drinking waters. So how to ensure the safe and effective drinking water, RFID technology to achieve "one bucket and one yard" to make drinking water more safe, is also a topic of great concern in the packaging drinking water industry. RFID technology bottled water to achieve "one bucket and one yard" to make drinking water safer.

Under the concept of food safety and responsibility traceability, “one bucket and one yard” has begun to try its application in the bottled water industry. Due to the problems and troubles of the basic status quo of bottled water production, marketing, market competition and user services. These long-standing problems and the technical and functional characteristics of “one bucket and one yard” analyze the technical development direction and technical application efficiency of industry applications from different perspectives, hoping to open up a broader space of thinking and find a way. Effective and easier to promote technical methods.

The original intention of "one bucket and one yard" is to establish an informatized, digital process synchronized with the real thing, which is used to calibrate each working node, from production to distribution. In this way, consumers are guaranteed to obtain qualified products and can trace the possible product quality problems. From the current application situation, "one bucket and one yard" has realized this function to a large extent. In terms of anti-counterfeiting, "one bucket and one yard" has basically completed its original design.

However, the problem in the bottled drinking water industry is a cross-section. Solving one of these problems alone is not enough to change the current basic situation. For example, the cost of water companies increases, and profit margins are the root cause of companies losing competitiveness. Among the bottled water products, the least proportion of the cost structure is the water body. As a kind of current assets, buckets have accidental losses, repeated filling efficiency is reduced, normal damage is used in excess use, “dead bucket” problem, bucket extracorporeal circulation, etc., is the real cost pressure for enterprises. It is easy to calculate how many times the loss of the bucket is used to compensate for the profit of the water body. All water companies have their own accounts.

Obviously, "one bucket and one yard" has no way to solve this part of the key problem. At the same time, "one bucket and one yard" has a strong private nature and is not easy to form a standard (the standard requires a universal type, no intellectual property restrictions). Therefore, companies must repeat the management cost of this part of the digital code. From the perspective of large-scale promotion, there are still many limitations in "one bucket and one yard".

Internet of Things technology provides a wider application development space for the bottled drinking water industry. The product concept of information packaging will enable each 18.9L bucket to be implanted into a global lifetime unique electronic identity. This electronic identity transforms traditional bottled water from production to storage, trunk logistics, distribution transfer settlement, local logistics, service delivery, consumer interaction and empty barrel reflow to a set of real data information. flow. The IoT information carrier is an EPC Class1 Gen2 UHF electronic tag. Implanting this electronic tag inside the packaging bucket constitutes a typical digital package.

The trend of actively upgrading management level of bottled water enterprises brought out by “one barrel and one yard” is a positive and correct development direction. To provide information support for water enterprise upgrading management comprehensively and effectively, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the technical route to find more reasonable and effective, economical and easier to promote for existing problems. The information packaging of IoT technology is compared with “one. "One barrel of the bucket" obviously has more advantages and development space. Introducing the information concept into the bottled water industry and realizing the cost expenditure part of the food safety retrospective goal is also easier to amortize in the benefits of industrial optimization and service improvement.

“Information Packaging” is the key to realizing the application of IoT technology in food products. Today, with the rapid development of information technology, smart packaging is also a new technology that allows items to be interconnected, and through the introduction of the Internet of Things, the world's only electronic identity RFID tag. Such informationized packaging is interconnected with related equipment to automatically record all aspects of bottled water production, distribution, distribution, and consumption. Transform the item logistics process into a digital information flow that can be accurately tracked.


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