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ZTO uses technology such as RFID and self-service sorting to guarantee the double 11 package volume

News posted on: 2019/11/25 9:21:19 - by Anna - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

ZTO uses technology such as RFID and self-service sorting to guarantee the double 11 package volume

ZTO uses technology such as RFID and self-service sorting to guarantee the double 11 package volume

This year's "Double 11", ZTO Express has set a new record, the order creation peak reached 17,000 pens per second, and the final order volume on the day broke 200 million. On the 12th, ZTO Express ushered in a historic moment when the annual business volume broke 10 billion. Faced with the world's largest package peak, China's online shopping experience is getting better and better, and the power of technology empowerment is gradually becoming apparent.

In recent years, the ZTO technology team has comprehensively combed the full-link digital products. These products have the exclusive APP “ZTO” that supports more than 300,000 couriers, the “Shenzhou” system that enables the outlets, and the “RFID Eco Bag” that is smart and green. The "Beidou", which reflects the integration of time-based logistics, and the "Xinghe", which integrates industry and finance, as well as the ZTO assistant for the C-end, and the express supermarket for the B-end... From the transfer to the marketing operation, the digital products are escorted throughout the journey.

In response to this “Double 11” logistics peak, the ZTO technology team began an intense and orderly preparation work in advance of more than three months, and expanded all the systems, multiple pressure tests and emergency downgrade plans to ensure the “Double 11” period. Smooth running.

The message middleware carries the data flow of all core business of ZTO, and is the vanguard of the "double 11" traffic peak. The ZTO self-developed message operation and maintenance platform (ZMS) collects core indicators such as cluster TPS, key topic transmission, consumption TPS, and cluster daily average message, which truly expands capacity on demand and expands capacity reasonably, saving a lot of resources; relying on ZMS The real-time monitoring and alarm function of the platform, during the “Double 11” period, timely found the decline in the processing capacity of each project group, and killed the possible accidents in the “cradle”.

In addition to the smooth guarantee, ZTO Technology has launched a number of new technology products for all links of the express link. The express parcels are delivered safely, efficiently and greenly to users.

This "Double 11", ZTO Express has invested 1 million recyclable canvas bags with RFID chips. It is recycled in 89 transshipment centers and various outlets across the country. RFID chips can recognize high-speed moving objects and collect parcel transit and area in real time. Flow of information to achieve full tracking of package transportation. This canvas bag can be reused for 4-6 months, and the usage rate is more than 100 times that of traditional woven bags.

At present, 89 transshipment centers of ZTO network have a total of 208 sets of automatic sorting equipment for large and small parts, which greatly improves the sorting efficiency of the whole network express parts and guarantees the quality of express sorting.

ZTO network work station Shenzhou system's "network e+" section is designed to help the network to better monitor, manage and analyze the progress of the daily business of the network through mobile office. On the eve of “Double 11”, the “big prediction function” was put on the line, and the number of outlets and parts of activities such as “Double 11” and “Double 12” were predicted. The auxiliary outlets should do a good job in personnel and vehicle reserve in advance.

This year's ZTO intelligent customer service, open the official website, WeChat, small programs, APP and other third-party channels, when the user has questions about the waybill, can help the user solve the problem by matching the appropriate intelligent customer service through the route. After going online, the processing efficiency for user queries is increased by about 500%. During the “Double 11” peak period, users are provided with more efficient and accurate problem solutions.

The Galaxy system can monitor and manage thousands of trunk transport vehicles in real time, refine and analyze and manage the operational data of the distribution centers, and use express routing to further ensure the quality of transportation according to the dynamic forecast of cargo volume. In the upcoming "Double 12", ZTO Technology will also launch a new full-link pressure measurement platform to truly test the performance of the production environment. Compared with the traditional performance pressure measurement, the performance test conducted by the full-link pressure measurement platform can better reflect the service capability of the system, which is more realistic and more convincing.

Since its establishment 16 years ago, ZTO Technology has evolved from a technology provider to a solution provider and is now a business partner. In the future, ZTO Technology will transform itself into the direction of business leaders, continue to optimize and integrate through exploration and practice, drive the entire industry chain to develop in an efficient and win-win direction, and realize the strategic planning direction of “i-ZTO”.


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