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Taiwan Chang Gung Hospital combines RFID intelligent technology to set up a fully-automated intelligent laboratory

News posted on: 2019/11/26 1:05:38 - by Blanche - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Taiwan Chang Gung Hospital combines RFID intelligent technology to set up a fully-automated intelligent laboratory

Taiwan Chang Gung Hospital combines RFID intelligent technology to set up a fully-automated intelligent laboratory

A blood test is one of the most important indicators for diagnosis and treatment of patients. It must be safe, fast and accurate. In order to pursue a better quality of inspection services, Taoyuan Chang Geng combined with RFID intelligent technology to formally set up a "automatic intelligent inspection room". Dean of Taoyuan Geng Yang Zhengda said that he hopes that this fully automatic intelligent test room with the highest international standard will provide warm, spacious and efficient inspection services to the people in Taiwan Taozhu Miao area.

Taoyuan Chang Geng's "Full-automatic Intelligent Inspection Room" has introduced two automatic reporting machines and four dual-exit automatic pipe preparation systems for the previous blood drawing operation. When the patient reports, the system will shunt according to the characteristics of the blood-drawing patient, and give priority to drawing blood for the elderly over 85 years old and those with reduced mobility. It can also be based on the characteristics of patients who have a history of medical history. For patients with sensitive anticoagulant blood collection tubes, the system actively prompts the blood drawing technician, and then provides customized blood drawing services. The test tubes after the inspection will also be introduced into the conveyor belt hidden under the blood drawing table, and will be transmitted to the rear inspection room within 2 minutes in real time, and then sorted on the machine to allow zero time difference for inspection.

Lu Zhangzhi, director of the laboratory medicine department of Linkou Chang Gung Hospital, pointed out that the design of this system has four major features: 1. Each specimen is marked with an individual RFID barcode, just like the global positioning system (GPS) is installed to monitor the position of the specimen throughout the process. And analyze progress to improve inspection traceability. 2. Equipped with a specimen storage area with a capacity of 1,000 specimens, the function is designed to allow the specimen to stand for 30 minutes to wait for complete coagulation, and then remove the lid by centrifugation to avoid the abnormality of the specimen due to incomplete clotting of the specimen. 3. The introduction of a two-layer, two-way, four-track track design, the introduction of the specimen exchange channel concept, supplemented by a sufficient buffer design and system real-time inspection instrument flow analysis, can optimize the urgent specimen preparation process and greatly improve inspection. Limitation of reporting. 4. Introduce a refrigerator module made in Taiwan that can accommodate 16,000 sticks. It has a dual compressor design. It can defrost and keep the temperature at the same time to ensure the quality of the specimens. It can also automatically discard the operating specimens that have been stored for more than 7 days. .

Director Lu Zhangzhi said that this system also has the functions of fully automatic abnormal specimen re-examination and automatic quality control, which can avoid the delay and labor loss caused by the multiple labor operations in the past laboratories.

Dean Yang Zhengda emphasized that after the Taoyuan Changgeng RFID “Full Automatic Intelligent Inspection Room” was launched, it could not only focus on each link in the inspection process, but also strictly control the security of inspection, transportation, inspection, and information transmission.


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