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RFID technology makes equipment inspection management more efficient!

News posted on: 2019/11/29 2:13:39 - by Norah - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology makes equipment inspection management more efficient!

RFID technology makes equipment inspection management more efficient!

The rapid development of RFID technology has a wide range of applications. RFID is also widely used in equipment inspections, effectively ensuring the smooth operation of equipment. Inspection is a time-efficient task, which places very high demands on the duty personnel, and must inspect each inspection point periodically. However, due to human factors, various inspection reports may be inadequate and failures may be handled in a timely manner, which may lead to various accidents. RFID technology uses wireless radio frequency identification, reads quickly and accurately, guarantees the equipment to handle faults in a timely manner, and allows the equipment to operate safely and effectively. RFID technology makes equipment inspection management more efficient!

The use of RFID technology and wireless local area network for equipment and pipeline inspections is usually used in power, manufacturing enterprise equipment inspections, petrochemical pipeline inspections, etc. Cover the seamless wireless network along the inspection route in the factory area, and install a RIFD tag at each inspection point. The tag records the basic information of the inspection point. Every time the inspector goes to the inspection point, he first reads the content of the tag with a handheld device, checks the equipment and pipes, and transmits the detection information to the management office through the wireless network. A background inspection management system is established in the background to realize the quality inspection of inspection personnel, improve the management level of the inspected equipment, improve the inspection efficiency, and gain insight into the overall inspection work.

Equipment inspection system based on RFID technology mainly includes inspection inspection dispatch management, inspection inspection line management, inspection inspection information download management, inspection inspection information upload management, inspection inspection information query management, inspection inspection report report management, etc. The hardware equipment is mainly composed of RFID handheld terminals, RFID electronic tags, and wireless access points. In the design of this system, the core business requirements of the industry and the key business processes of inspection operations are closely integrated, and the applicability of RFID technology in actual requirements is closely combined, such as the use of ultra-high-frequency passive electronics for the selection of electronic tags. The corresponding reading distance of the tag should also be large, so that the information of the electronic tag can be accurately detected.

The inspection equipment system fully utilizes the physical advantages of RFID technology. It mainly uses the characteristics of UHF RFID without contact, long reading distance, and no manual intervention. This improves the inspection convenience of inspection personnel and greatly reduces inspections. Workload of inspectors. Long reading distance can realize long-distance data collection and better achieve long-distance equipment inspection; RFID identification speed is fast, reducing a lot of inspection time, improving efficiency, and improving the management level of equipment inspection; RFID technology can be appropriate It reads through cloth, leather, and wood, and can fully meet the challenges of harsh environments and keep working around the clock.

RFID technology enables real-time and accuracy of data to be quickly realized. Due to RFID non-contact automatic identification, it meets various harsh environments. Effectively improve management level and forecasting ability, and promote overall efficiency and management improvement.


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