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Airlines apply RFID technology to reduce flight delays caused by baggage finding

News posted on: 2019/12/2 1:19:28 - by Margaret - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Airlines apply RFID technology to reduce flight delays caused by baggage finding

Airlines apply RFID technology to reduce flight delays caused by baggage finding

Ms. Zhao, who often flies at Liaoning Dalian Airport, finds that the on-time rate of flights departing from Dalian Airport has become higher and higher in recent years. In the past, flight delays were often unknown to passengers. Now there are fewer and fewer delayed flights and information is more transparent.

In fact, many travelers feel the same way as Ms. Zhao. In Dalian Airport Operation Control Center, the screen on the wall is constantly changing to display various data and situation analysis. This is the "nerve center" of Dalian Airport's operation command. The A-CDM Airport Cooperative Decision System based on the Operation Management Committee developed by China Airlines can enhance early warning capabilities, accurately detect anomalies, strengthen command coordination, and quantify operational assessments for large areas. Early warning of flight delays, and release of adverse conditions information according to the actual operation of the airport, visually presented to all decision-making participants.

In addition to Dalian Airport, Shenzhen Airlines, Qingdao Airport, Changsha Airport, and Urumqi Airport have all enabled China Airlines' A-CDM system. In the process of building a smart airport, China TravelSky uses technology and innovative thinking to promote innovation in airport operation models, service models, and management models with new ideas, new technologies, and new applications. Collaboration, personalized service, management visualization, and intelligent decision-making provide a complete smart airport construction plan. A-CDM system is one of the representative products.

Years of exploration: building a smart airport

According to the "Airport Collaborative Decision (A-CDM) Implementation Specification (Trial)" issued by the Civil Aviation Administration, A-CDM is led by the airport, with the participation of airlines, air traffic controllers, and ground service companies. It is based on information sharing and Collaborative decision-making is the core operating mechanism. A-CDM effectively controls the ground operation support nodes of the aircraft, optimizes the allocation of ground resources, improves the sequence of flight ground stops and departures, and achieves the overall improvement of airport ground operation efficiency.

In August 2017, the Civil Aviation Administration issued the "Notice on Further Coordinated Advancement of Airport Cooperative Decision-Making (A-CDM) Construction", requiring all units in the industry to further coordinate the A-CDM construction. By the end of 2018, the passenger throughput will be more than 30 million The A-CDM data of the airport must be linked with the operation data sharing platform of the Civil Aviation Administration's Operation Monitoring Center and the air traffic management CDM system to fully realize the interconnection of information among airports, airlines, air traffic management and regulatory units.

With the rapid development of the Internet era, a variety of high-tech methods such as cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, mobile Internet and artificial intelligence have emerged endlessly. China TravelSky has been committed to promoting the development of industry informatization, and strive to apply these new technologies to airport products. Intelligent airport operation platforms, passenger service platforms, "person-witness-one" systems, and TravelSky products that are highly characteristic of China TravelSky have gradually gained market recognition. A large number of new technologies have provided decision-making support for airport managers and also provided passengers Brings more and more convenience. In July of this year, the airport collaborative decision-making A-CDM industry standard writing and launching meeting was held in Changsha. China TravelSky was one of the participants in the meeting.

For a long time, civil aviation units have always attached great importance to the normal operation of flights. Using A-CDM to improve airport operation efficiency is an effective way to solve large-scale flight delays. According to the actual situation faced by each airport, China Hangxin will apply big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things technologies to establish airport operation products based on A-CDM platform, which will fully support the construction of smart airports.

Strongest brain doubles operating efficiency

As the "strongest brain" of the airport, China TravelSky A-CDM is the core product of the intelligent operation product system. It integrates the information of airports, air traffic controllers, airlines and other related parties into a unified platform to achieve collaborative decision-making in airport operation management. .

In the past, the airport only had flight data of the field, but A-CDM realized the information sharing of pre-order flights, passengers, baggage, freight, security, and settlement. The data of the airport, air traffic control, airline, and ground service company was exchanged in real time. The shift from manual reconciliation to automatic acquisition of flight plans. In the past, staff members made 500 flight plans, which took 5 to 7 hours, but now it takes only a few minutes.

In the past, airport staff could not obtain the exact arrival time of the flight, and they needed to constantly ask the flight location through the intercom. If a flight is parked at a remote location, multiple departments, such as ground service and shuttle buses, need to repeatedly transmit and confirm information. On average, each flight has 15 calls, and errors may occur during the transfer. Now, hand-held terminal equipment can cover all aspects of airport ground services, achieving fine management and control of A-CDM flight support nodes. Five minutes before the flight's arrival, the airport staff can arrange the ground support staff in an orderly manner to perform automatic scheduling. In addition, after applying RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, the A-CDM system can seamlessly interface with the baggage tracking system, reducing flight delays caused by finding luggage.

In the past, civil airport charges required layers of signatures. Now, the A-CDM system realizes the real-time calculation of electronic signing and aviation settlement of aviation revenue. Airport employees can see the profitability of the day and improve the economic efficiency of the airport.

The A-CDM system not only establishes a collaborative decision-making mechanism for airports, air traffic controllers, airlines, ground services and other units, but also enables the organic combination of flight support and passenger services to achieve efficient and coordinated operation in flight areas, terminals, and public areas. For example, when flight delays occur, on-site support staff can calculate calculations based on support capabilities and release capabilities, provide flight reduction recommendations, coordinate release sequencing, and make flight changes.

Tailored development of personalized applications

In order to improve competitiveness and meet the needs of different customers, China TravelSky A-CDM includes three local deployment modes: airport local version, group version and cloud version. The local version of the airport A-CDM can build a local data exchange platform and a big data platform at the airport, with independent operation capabilities. The group version of A-CDM can assist the airport group to effectively manage the regional airports under its jurisdiction, promote the integrated airport management by the province, and give full play to the leading role of the main airport. The cloud version of A-CDM is mainly targeted at small airports. It consists of one or more host computers as the central node for storing data. All business units of the entire system are centrally deployed on this central node and all functions of the system can be used centrally.

At Changsha Airport, China Airlines established an overall management platform, promoted coordinated and integrated operation and management, and brought into full play the role of Changsha Airport as a hub. At Urumqi Airport and Dalian Airport, China Airline ’s A-CDM deicing and snow removing mechanism has passed practical tests. Air traffic control, airport and airline coordination and control mechanisms have been established, and work efficiency has increased by nearly 30%.

In terms of visualization, China TravelSky's A-CDM fully implements the concept of a map of airport operations, strengthens and connects the role of airports in various functional areas, business departments, and business processes, achieves overall airport information sharing and business collaboration, and promotes airport operations. Innovations in service, management and management modes, realizing optimal scheduling of resources, lay a solid foundation for the airport to expand capacity, improve operational efficiency, and enhance passenger service quality. The relevant person in charge of China TravelSky said that the scope of A-CDM's functions is not limited to cooperative release, but will ultimately play a role in passenger travel, seamlessly connecting flight operations with passenger services, and helping airports achieve digital transformation. The airport is not just a hurried stop for passengers, it should be a warm harbor for passengers to feel the genuine service.

In the future, China TravelSky will be guided by industry development, rely on cutting-edge technology, rely on innovation and development, and provide passengers with high-quality services for the purpose of comprehensively deepening and implementing the strategy of “gathering big data, building big platforms, and developing big services” Positioning will contribute to building a smart airport and building a strong civil aviation country.


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