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RFID technology helps healthy development of animal husbandry

News posted on: 2020/2/11 2:12:55 - by Norah - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology helps healthy development of animal husbandry

RFID technology helps healthy development of animal husbandry

With the improvement of living consumption level, the animal husbandry industry is also developing rapidly. Let the traditional animal husbandry advance to the pioneering and innovative modern intelligent animal husbandry. Effectively accelerate the modernization and informatization of animal husbandry. Smart livestock farming uses identification technologies such as barcode labels and RFID electronic tags to implement the Internet of Things technology, which makes full use of modern information technology to manage and serve modern animal husbandry. RFID technology helps the healthy development of animal husbandry.

Master the advanced management methods for livestock and poultry breeding in the Internet of Things.You can collect the environmental parameters of livestock and poultry house breeding online through smart wireless sensors, and remotely control the corresponding equipment based on the analysis results of the collected data, so that the livestock and poultry house breeding environment can reach the optimal state and achieve scientific Objectives of breeding, quarantine and income increase.

The intelligent livestock husbandry production management system is based on the application of key technologies of the Internet of Things. It uses barcode technology and RFID technology to identify animals and items, and uses mobile smart terminals integrated with relevant identifiers to manage production through android applications. And send the data to the background system through the mobile terminal. In this way, mobile office production is achieved.

The main process of smart livestock breeding system:

1. Feeding section: When the livestock is born, RFID tags (such as ear tags or foot rings) are installed on the animals. These electronic tags are attached to the ears when the animals are born. Thereafter, the breeder uses a Hand-held equipment, constantly set, collect or store the information of its growing process, control production safety from the source. At the same time, records of livestock epidemic prevention, disease information and key information of the breeding process are recorded at all times. Before the animals are slaughtered, the RFID tags must be read through the handheld to confirm that the disease-free animals can be released.

2. Slaughtering process: Before slaughtering, read the RFID tag information on the livestock and confirm that the livestock has a record of epidemic prevention and is really healthy before they can be slaughtered and enter the market. At the same time, this information is written into the packaging box label and the cargo tray label. And going among price tags.

3. Supervisory department supervision: In the process of market supervision, the supervision department requires that all sales outlets' goods pallets, packaging boxes and price tags contain RFID electronic tags, which will change the origin, product name, type, grade and price of meat. And other related data written into the electronic label.

4. Logistics and distribution: Fresh meat enters the circulation link, and RFID tags are affixed to the pallets or boxes containing the meat and delivered to the designated supermarket or market sales point. When the goods are delivered, they only need to pass through a fixed distance. Read the RFID tag on the box or tray from a card reader or handheld reader.

5. Management of exotic livestock: If the slaughtered meat products delivered from other provinces and cities are to enter the market, first go to the designated supervision location for product inspection. After passing the inspection, attach the electronic label of relevant product information and relevant inspection information. . At the same time, the supervisory authority issued a qualification certificate for the products sold in the market.

Intelligent livestock breeding technology not only requires identification, identification, tracking and inquiry from all aspects of agricultural breeding, acquisition, processing, transportation, sales, etc., but also relevant management of its warehouses, assets and enterprise information, so as to ensure the key core of the livestock industry The comprehensive informatization of business, the informatization of business management, the management of information resources, and the standardization of information services have provided important information support and services for animal husbandry enterprises, enabling the rapid and healthy development of animal husbandry.


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