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Intelligent traceability system breaks down the problem of cleaning hotel rooms with the help of RFID technology

News posted on: 2020/2/17 2:29:07 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Intelligent traceability system breaks down the problem of cleaning hotel rooms with the help of RFID technology

Intelligent traceability system breaks down the problem of cleaning hotel rooms with the help of RFID technology

Check into the hotel, use your mobile phone to scan the small programs in the guest room, and you can instantly see the replacement time of the bed sheets, quilts, bath towels, tea cups and other supplies in the guest room; the cleaning staff "squeaks" when wiping the toilet with a special cloth for the toilet. If it is used to wipe the basin or other areas, the system will immediately alert and tweet, and the relevant warning information will be transmitted to the management backstage at the same time ... In Wugong Hotel on Fuzhou Road, Shanghai, such a set can be used to linen hotel rooms, cups As soon as the intelligent system for cleaning, cleansing and disinfection of toilets was implemented, it attracted all kinds of onlookers and inquiries from inside and outside the industry.

Room linen and cup cleaning can be traced

When "a piece of rag wiped to the end" has become a difficult point for the entire hotel industry, how can we effectively supervise the cleaning procedures of cleaning staff? How can we win back the trust of guests in the hygiene of hotel room supplies? Try to launch a smart room system a year and a half ago Later, Wu Gong Hotel cooperated with a third-party technology company to start a new attempt: using chip technology to create a "hotel intelligent management system for the Internet of Things" to achieve cleaning of hotel room linens, cups and toilets , Monitoring, monitoring, and traceability management of the entire operation process.

At the bottom of the inverted tea cup, there is a small humble black spot. Here is the chip that the traceability system tracks throughout. There is a similar device on the special red rag for the toilet. Shi Xiaowei, an engineer at Shanghai Suqu Information Technology Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the development of this system, told reporters: "The cleaning and disinfection procedures of guest room supplies are traceable because RFID chips are implanted on the bottom of tea cups and linen. Positioning technology is used for tracking. Guests can scan the mini-program QR code to know when each linen, cup, and toilet are cleaned and disinfected, and when they are replaced. Who is the specific operator? "Shi Xiaowei said. After the special cloth is implanted into the "core" sheet, the background intelligent management system can locate and track it, whether it is dedicated or not. If the toilet-specific wipes are not wiped within the toilet and wiped elsewhere, the background intelligent management system monitoring will immediately warn, and the management staff can promptly dispose of them, which technically eliminates the possibility of cleaning staff's illegal operations and changes the past. Relying on the status quo of a single system and manual supervision.

The entire health traceability system took almost two years from conception to creation, and there were many difficulties and setbacks in the middle. "All data needs to be stored in the warehouse. Auntie needs to be scanned and entered with the handheld device. After the initial version came out, we found that Auntie was not used to it and had to push it all over again." Shi Xiaowei said that the second version of the handheld device's operating interface Before the decision, every step was asked about the operating habits of the cleaning staff, as simple as possible, and finally realized that the cleaning staff can complete the scanning and entry process of these traceable supplies within 5 minutes, and update the status in the background management system. At the same time, the intelligent disinfection cabinet system that reads the cleaning data of tea cups and coffee cups, and the linen passage that reads the linen transportation and cleaning data have undergone many adjustments. As far as the residents are concerned, only a simple code scanning action is needed to learn this information.


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