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More than a million people in Malaysia charge for installation fees starting February 15

News posted on: 2020/2/18 6:43:24 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

More than a million people in Malaysia charge for installation fees starting February 15

More than a million people in Malaysia charge for installation fees starting February 15

One Touch Card Sdn Bhd announced that from February 15th, a formal installation fee of RM35 will be charged for radio frequency identification systems (RFID). The company's 18-month RFID test run phase has received overwhelming public response. Today, 1 million people in Malaysia use RFID.

At the beginning of the Chinese New Year lunch, Shalu Zhanni, CEO of One Touch Card Sdn Bhd, pointed out that due to the successful test run of RFID, more than one million people in Malaysia are also in use. "So we have decided to officially charge for the installation of RFID. The installation of each RFID barcode will cost RM35, and from April onwards all roads in Malaysia will be able to use RFID (this also includes South Road).

Although the installation fee will be charged next week, he predicts that the number of users will double from the current 1 million to 2 million before the end of the year. After all, compared to other countries currently using RFID, the fee of RM35 is very reasonable.

As installation fees are charged, the procedures for registering for RFID will also vary. Consumers no longer need to provide car-related documents, just download their one-touch mobile app and register the registration number with their ID number.

Since the launch of RFID, 55 million transactions have been completed with a total value of RM145 million.

Sharujani pointed out that the company is also currently negotiating with various auto manufacturers to discuss whether consumers can choose to install RFID along with them when they pick up new cars.

Pay for parking and gas

One Touch Connect Card Sdn Bhd will further expand the RFID function. Sharujani pointed out that in addition to the current toll function, the company's goal is to allow consumers to use RFID to pay parking fees and refuel at gas stations , As well as in Drive-Thru.

He stated that the company's goal is to achieve RFID payment for parking as soon as possible in the third quarter, and start using the system to fuel in the last quarter. As for the speed of use may be a plan that can be implemented next year.

"Anyway, these plans are currently at the stage of negotiation with the industry. For example, we will start with the largest 20 malls in Malaysia when paying parking fees. At the same time, we will try our best to make sure that consumers do n’t have to charge extra when using RFID other fee."

When asked about the cost of the company's investment in RFID, Sharujani was reluctant to disclose, only pointing out: "Of course the investment is high, but the most important thing is to make RFID widely available, so we will actively explore the use of this system. "


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