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A community in Henan uses electronic seals to monitor home isolation personnel

News posted on: 2020/2/20 10:37:52 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

A community in Henan uses electronic seals to monitor home isolation personnel

A community in Henan uses electronic seals to monitor home isolation personnel

"Didi Di, the door of Room 1207 is open, please handle it immediately." On the morning of February 17, the mobile phone of Liu Jun, the secretary of the Party Branch of Kangqiao Huacheng Community, Daxue Road, Erqi District, shook. He took a look, and it turned out to be an "alarm" message pushed by the software, reminding a resident in the community who was living at home to open the door. After telephone inquiries, it turned out that the resident had just opened the door to throw garbage, and the person did not leave the house.

Recently, with the resumption of work in the enterprise, more and more workers began to return to Zheng, and the pressure on the epidemic prevention and control has increased sharply. How to manage and control the isolated households has become the key difficulty of the epidemic prevention and control. A few days ago, the University Road Street Office in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province has a new method. A smart door sensor system was installed in the Kangqiao Huacheng community pilot. The smart door sensor was installed at the doorsteps of the people who needed to be isolated, thereby realizing 24-hour supervision of home isolated people.

It is understood that the door sensor uses an adhesive method, is based on the Internet of Things network, uses dry batteries to power, does not require wiring, and integrates the door sensor alarm device by nailing the government affairs platform. Basic information such as round-trip information, mobile phone number, and isolation period can be used to monitor the door status of the door sensor.

Community staff introduced, do n’t look at it as a “baubles”, it can be used for epidemic prevention and control, no matter the isolation personnel open or close the door, the device will alarm, and will be isolated through the Dingyun cloud platform, mobile phone text messages, voice reminders, etc. The information of the personnel was notified to the community workers, and the information of the software platform was used to directly dial the phone of the isolation personnel, which effectively made up for the lack of real-time monitoring. In addition, after the 14-day or 7-day interval observation period for the quarantine personnel at home is over, the re-encoding can be removed and applied to the next household.

14 days of quarantine to keep out, what if the quarantine supplies of war quarantine at home were "run out of food"? The streets have considered these matters for them. The street relies on the government platform for nailing to achieve 24 hours online "station guard" service, establish street, community, and building three-level online epidemic prevention and control headquarters, and guide home isolation personnel to fill out personal isolation observation registration forms online to ensure effective isolation And control the source of infection.

At the same time, community workers acted as errand waiters, carried out the "run the building group, warm home" action, established a communication channel with the isolation staff through the software platform, collected the needs of the isolation staff, and the community staff was responsible for errand delivery, food delivery, etc. . "They only care about the war epidemic in the house, and the rest we will come to the door to provide services." Community workers said.

"In the past, we used community staff to run the building for investigation, and knocked on the door one by one to ask the residents to be consciously isolated. But no one could ensure that 100% of the isolated residents would not go out." Li Rui, director of the community, said that the door magnetic device is equivalent to an "electronic "Seal" to isolate the object "front foot" to open the door, the community "back foot" can receive alarm reminders, effectively solve the various incurable diseases of "less than human, unable to reach", through the door magnetic system, real-time monitoring, Improved the intelligent and refined community management mechanism.


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