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Ningbo uses RFID and other IoT technologies to help prevent and control epidemics

News posted on: 2020/2/26 8:56:01 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Ningbo uses RFID and other IoT technologies to help prevent and control epidemics

Ningbo uses RFID and other IoT technologies to help prevent and control epidemics

Epidemic prevention and control is a battle against viruses, and it is a test to test the ability of social governance. Since the outbreak, Ningbo Urban Management Bureau responded quickly, moved quickly, entered a wartime state, implemented wartime measures, adhered to the combination of strict law enforcement and warmth services, and promoted the improvement of governance capabilities in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Build a "one network" to strengthen joint defense and joint control. In accordance with the "first-level response" for epidemic prevention and control, the leadership teams at all levels, especially the main leaders, are on-the-spot command, forward command, and unified command, strengthen the integration of forces, gather the anti-epidemic force, and quickly form an organization system of joint prevention and control. According to the unified dispatch of the Municipal Bureau, law enforcement team members, smart urban management information collectors, and environmental protection, municipal, garden and other industries maintenance management personnel gathered quickly, relying on the advantages of collaborative networks, integrating the advantages of block linkages, and comprehensively promote personnel information inspection, key parts Prevention and control measures such as epidemic prevention, material mobilization, and positive social guidance.

Keep a good door and strengthen the epidemic prevention barrier. In order to resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic, carefully review the relevant laws and regulations on city management related to the epidemic, analyze and judge outstanding problems in urban operation, and comprehensively carry out nine special enforcement actions, including mobile trafficking of wild animals, raising livestock and poultry, and random discarding of garbage. Anyone who fails to do so in time, fails to do so or refuses to make corrections and repeatedly commits repeated punishments shall be severely punished. A total of 16067 cases were discouraged, 616 were ordered to be rectified, 172 were filed for punishment, and a fine of more than 42,500 yuan, and a number of typical illegal acts such as selling fake and inferior masks, dumping garbage, and dumping garbage were investigated.

Build a "one screen" and strengthen precise prevention and control. Actively explore innovative ways of working, proactively adapt to the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, and promote scientific law enforcement and fine control. Simplify law enforcement procedures, use simple procedures for illegal acts with lighter plots and less influence, and use WeChat and SMS reminders to guide parties involved in illegal parking of vehicles for online processing. Accelerate the construction of information stores along the street, explore and implement "one-point inspection", and make sure that the number is clear, the situation is clear, and the supervision is accurate. Use drones to conduct high-density inspections of public areas such as parks, green spaces, and squares, and use IoT technologies such as smart city management platform RFID and more than 50,000 online monitoring and intelligent analysis videos to increase real-time monitoring, effectively solidify evidence and expand Off-site law enforcement applications.

Raise the "flag" to strengthen the fortress role. Adhere to the epidemic prevention and control as a battlefield to test the original mission of party organizations and party member cadres at all levels, as a battlefield to test the combat effectiveness of the majority of party members and cadres, and call on the party members and cadres to take the lead and charge ahead. The Municipal Bureau set up the "Urban Management Blue" party member volunteer team and the medical party member service team. They were not afraid of difficulties and took the initiative to take part in the battle. They supported front-line transportation hubs to carry out temperature detection and information registration for returnees. Party members and cadres of the bureau system voluntarily entered the community, supplemented their front-line forces, and went to areas where the epidemic was prominent, and fully implemented hard control and isolation. While coordinating with the local government to carry out epidemic investigation and control, the local comprehensive law enforcement departments also deployed key personnel to form special convoys to transport suspected, centralized quarantine personnel and returnees from the field, especially the affected areas. A total of 3,719 law enforcement team members and 3,295 transfer personnel were attended.


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