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Waste classification makes full use of RFID technology to help smart city development

News posted on: 2020/2/28 15:34:57 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Waste classification makes full use of RFID technology to help smart city development

Waste classification makes full use of RFID technology to help smart city development

With the rapid development of urban construction, optimizing environmental management and services has always been the focus of attention and an important project for people's livelihood. Continuously improving the living environment of citizens will incorporate a new generation of information technology to build a smart city. The first is to solve urban waste as a major problem, and it is full of many challenges for the development of smart cities. Urban waste also makes full use of RFID technology to help the development of smart cities. Intelligent sanitation management is the comprehensive application of computer technology, wireless network technology, GIS geographic information technology, GPS status technology, RFID identification technology, video surveillance technology, and the establishment of a unified management information system. Therefore, the implementation of environmental sanitation operation effects, environmental sanitation operation vehicles, and environmental sanitation facilities supervision, and effective full-scale mastery of the sanitary environment, enable environmental sanitation operation problems to be detected and quickly resolved.

With the rapid development of urban construction, sanitation has become a difficult issue. There are many and dense personnel. The number and distribution of sanitation and sanitation facilities, ensuring that garbage collection is performed in place, ensuring that the waste is produced and cleaned in a timely manner, that the waste is promptly transferred and dispatched in a timely manner will become an important part of sanitation and clearance supervision. The sanitation work mainly uses RFID technology to collect information from various links to create a smart sanitation platform and help the development of smart cities.

At present, problems encountered in urban waste management:

1. Failure to grasp the implementation quantity and distribution situation, resulting in untimely waste management and more labor.

2. The day's garbage cannot be cleaned up in time, causing air pollution and environmental pollution.

3. When the garbage is cleaned and transported, the garbage has not been cleaned up according to the prescribed route, leaked, or some speeding work has been performed.

4. The garbage cannot be cleaned and inspected in a timely manner, affecting the environment.

5. Management evasion, stringing, etc.

Supervision of garbage removal is by installing UHF RFID reader equipment inside the garbage truck, and attaching a trash can outside the trash can to identify the UHF RFID tag. When the garbage truck begins to load and unload garbage, the UHF RFID reader device on the truck will read the UHF RFID tag on the operated bin. After the RFID reader device recognizes the operation time of the trash bin and the RFID electronic tag ID number, it transmits the data to the terminal server through the vehicle, indicating that the trash can has been cleaned up, and the status of the trash can has been cleared today. . Within 24 hours, the status of the trash can has been cleaned up, and it is actually green in the operation interface of the terminus system. After more than 24 hours, if the terminus server does not receive the tag data of the trash can, it means that the trash can has not been cleared. The status of the barrel is considered unfilled, and it is indicated in red in the system operation interface.

RFID technology allows sanitation vehicle management to realize the distribution of facilities at a glance, and to grasp the changes in the location of facilities in real time. In this way, it is possible to grasp the running dynamics of the vehicle, real-time monitor whether the garbage truck performs collection operations and the operation route, and the collection tasks are refined and real-time monitored. This greatly improves the management efficiency of each link, enhances work efficiency, and reduces management costs. The timely treatment of garbage not only affirms the work, but also improves the image of the city and achieves scientific information management.


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