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New retail application of RFID and other technologies, the clothing industry usher in the second spring

News posted on: 2020/3/3 9:09:12 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

New retail application of RFID and other technologies, the clothing industry usher in the second spring

New retail application of RFID and other technologies, the clothing industry usher in the second spring

Clothing management status: The imperfect management system of clothing enterprises and the fierce market competition have made clothing enterprises face huge difficulties. The traditional manual collection of a large amount of data in sales, logistics, inventory, and deployment has been unable to meet the development needs of modern clothing companies. Based on the development of RFID technology, the clothing industry has ushered in the second spring. By implanting an RFID chip smaller than rice grains in each item, each piece of clothing corresponds to a unique code, and EAS and RFID technology are combined and applied It can not only prevent theft of goods, but also carry out various management functions. Using RFID group reading function for inventory, it is faster and more accurate, and reduces the time cost.

1.RFID labeling scheme

Washing tag: The tag is packaged in washing tag, which has a small size, easy installation and operation, durable, good waterproof performance, and can be applied to a variety of clothing.

Hang tags: simple printing and low cost, can be customized for each brand logo and related copywriting.

Dual-frequency tags: Use a hard ABS plastic case, which can be durable and reusable. This RFID tag and electronic anti-theft integrated hard tag enhances existing electronic anti-theft technology, integrates visibility of goods and prevents loss.

Conventional self-adhesive labels: directly attach or embed clothing labels to achieve inventory visibility throughout the supply chain and reduce shortages. Customized decoding and printing services can also be easily scheduled.

2. Store delivery application

Stores respond to store horizontal adjustments, store returns to warehouse goods;

The store clerk scans the goods shipped through the RFID handheld device to generate a shipping document;

Confirmation of receipt return;

3. Store inventory application

The store clerk started to count and generate the inventory document, and downloaded the current store inventory data to the mobile phone;

Use RFID equipment to collect the unique code of all goods in the store;

The RFID collected data and book inventory data are compared to generate a difference, and then the difference goods are found according to the difference. After the difference processing is completed, an inventory order is submitted.

4. Store finding application

Do the inventory management, enter the section number or bar code,

It will be faster to find the target location first and then use RFID to read it.

In fact, RFID's role in the circulation of the company's entire supply chain goes far beyond these, and can be summarized as follows:

1. Transparency in inventory management: Improve the transparency of commodities for financial management personnel; grasp the current status of commodities in real time and improve management.

2. Speed up the supply chain: reduce inventory backlog, reduce the risk of shortages, increase sales opportunities, and reduce human resource costs.

3. Sales forecast: Passenger flow system, fitting mirror and other equipment, establish sales funnel analysis, and make sales forecast.

4. Cost reduction: RFID technology can improve operation efficiency and prevent loss, reduce excessive dependence on people, and create an independent shopping platform.

5. Enhancement of retail experience: Improve service through magic mirror and out-of-stock management in the fitting room to increase consumer experience and ultimately improve performance.

6, business model transformation: market-oriented, consumer-oriented, establish a flexible supply chain system to enhance core competitiveness.


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