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Application of RFID technology in smart parking lot management system

News posted on: 2020/3/5 9:13:10 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Application of RFID technology in smart parking lot management system

Application of RFID technology in smart parking lot management system

At present, a mainstream technology of RFID in the parking lot intelligent management system is to use inductive IC card and image recognition as management methods. It also has infrared remote sensing control of door switches, anti-theft alarm and back limit. This system was developed along with the rise of new identification technologies such as IC cards, short-range RF identification cards, and long-range identification. It overcomes the shortcomings of magnetic card and barcode technology, has the characteristics of long life, easy to use, not easy to be damaged, high security, etc., and makes the intelligent management of parking lots to a new height.

Inductive IC card plus image recognition management technology, supports long-range and short-range sensors, supports permanent card and temporary card working methods, has automatic identification, record storage and other functions to prevent capital loss. Since this technology is used in conjunction with the graphic card and the IC card, the purpose of anti-theft car is achieved.

In addition, there is another mainstream technology: non-contact RF card identification technology. It inherits the advantages of IC card technology, has high confidentiality, cannot be forged, saves the card swiping process, and improves identification speed. Because the technology does not have a moving mechanical device in the identification system, it eliminates the Seka phenomenon and improves the reliability of the system.

收费 For toll parking, the reliability of the identification system means the reliability of the parking lot. Therefore, read-only RF contactless identification cards have become the ideal identification technology in parking lot management systems. According to the manufacturing process of identification cards, non-contact identification cards can be divided into backscatter cards and surface acoustic wave cards; according to the identification range, they can be divided into short-range RF (radio frequency) cards and long-range RF (radio frequency) cards.

Near-range RF cards use backscatter technology, and the identification range is generally 0.3 meters to 0.6 meters. Due to the short identification distance, the cardholder is required to present the identification card in front of the card reader. The long-range RF card uses advanced surface acoustic wave technology, which expands the card's identification range and increases the identification speed, which can maximize the advantages of non-contact identification technology. Vehicle cards can be identified within a considerable range.

In addition, thanks to the high-speed identification technology, it can be identified even by passing the card reader at high speed. Years of running records show that its effective identification rate is close to 100%.

Through the above two technologies, the smart parking lot management system effectively prevents the damage and interference caused by human factors to the parking lot management, and realizes the intelligent and scientific management of the parking lot of the building and the property community, which can control the cost loss, improve the operation efficiency, and ensure Vehicle safety.

The intelligent parking lot management system adopts the management model of “one car, one card, one card”, that is, from the entry of the vehicle to the parking lot until the vehicle leaves the parking lot, all the information related to this car is uniquely related to the ID number of the card. Through this unique ID number, we can include information such as user, vehicle model, vehicle license plate, vehicle color, and vehicle image, vehicle entry and exit time, parking duration, designated parking space number, parking path, payable fees, etc. Unified in the database, easy to query and store.

In this way, the information of the toll management, parking guidance, vehicle identification, and safety monitoring subsystems is established on the same data platform, thereby effectively integrating the subsystems into a unified smart parking lot management system.

The intelligent parking lot management system is a computer network composed of a management system and a channel identification system. The network communication protocol uses the TCP / IP protocol. The system can effectively, accurately, and intelligently identify, collect, record, and stay on-demand data of system vehicles (vehicles with electronic license plates) and non-system vehicles (vehicles without electronic license plates) entering and leaving the parking lot. Upload, process, and supplement it with corresponding manual intervention when necessary to avoid the impact of abnormal events (non-system vehicles entering and leaving) and ensure that the system has an efficient vehicle intelligent release capability.

For smart parking lot systems, the sensitivity should be high, the adaptability of use is large, the installation is not complicated, and it should not be affected by day and night. It can ensure stable and reliable monitoring of vehicles in any environment, and engineering applications. Convenience, maintenance-free, and cost should not be high.

The radio frequency identification equipment must be able to communicate with the electronic car card when the car passes at normal speed; the vehicle's time, space information, car card information, and instructions issued by the data processing center need to be stored locally; the system should periodically self-check and malfunction Self-inspection, upload the equipment working status in time for the system operation center to process; after troubleshooting or power restoration, the system automatically restarts to ensure that the parking lot works normally and the data transmission is complete; the software structure is modular; it can meet the traffic control equipment and monitoring Interface requirements for equipment (such as barriers, signal lights, electronic scales, image capture, etc.).

The operation process of the parking lot management system is based on the process of customer parking and picking up the car. The work flow of the parking lot is always centered on the flow of users' vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot. Parking lot users are generally divided into two categories: temporary users and fixed users. When the vehicle enters / exits the parking lot antenna communication area, the antenna uses microwave communication to perform two-way data exchange with the on-board radio frequency card, reads the relevant information of the vehicle from the radio frequency card, automatically recognizes the radio frequency card, and determines whether the car card is Effective and legal, the lane control computer displays the license plate number corresponding to the radio frequency card, and the driver and other information; the lane control computer automatically stores the passing time, the relevant information of the vehicle and the driver into the database, and the lane control Computers make judgments based on unique information to make decisions on release or prohibition.

By comparing with the traditional parking lot, the smart parking lot management system not only retains the functions of the traditional parking lot, but also improves the management medium based on the original charging medium. The radio frequency card is selected as the management medium of the smart parking lot. Through the requirements analysis, the functions required for the smart parking lot management system were clarified, and then the structural design of the smart parking lot management system was proposed.

For the user group of the parking lot, analyze and design the work flow of temporary users and fixed users, so as to achieve fixed users entering and leaving the parking lot without stopping.

With the advancement of science and technology and the development of human civilization, the application of smart parking lot management systems in residential communities, large commercial buildings, and work units is becoming more and more common. And people's requirements for parking lot management are becoming more and more intelligent, and there is an urgent need for better, automated and convenient management methods.

The traditional parking lot management has various disadvantages such as high management cost, high labor intensity, low service efficiency, serious capital loss and serious vehicle theft. It cannot protect the investors' income and the safety of parked vehicles, thus severely restricting the parking lot business. development of.

RFID smart system not only improves work efficiency, saves manpower and material resources, reduces operating costs, prevents employees from fraudulently charging fees, and the entire management system is more secure and reliable. Including driver identification, comparison of vehicle images, automatic guidance of parking spaces, vehicle access conditions, parking track records and toll management, query and print vehicle information at any time.


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