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RFID washable tags will easily complete washing tasks

News posted on: 2020/3/6 9:18:52 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID washable tags will easily complete washing tasks

RFID washable tags will easily complete washing tasks

The use of RFID plays an important role in the identification and management of clothes. UHF RFID technology is used to realize the efficient management of fast laundry collection, sorting, fully automatic inventory, and clothes removal in the laundry industry, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces error rate. RFID linen management through the installation of RFID electronic tags, the use of RFID countertop, handheld, fixed readers and other intelligent management modes to automatically identify each management process, so that clothing linen can be better managed. Through waterproof RFID electronic tags, unified recycling, logistics and acceptance are accurately completed, which greatly improves unified management efficiency.

Working Process Introduction

1. Tag information pre-recording: Before the laundry is delivered for use, the pre-recording function needs to be used to register the laundry information. For example, register the following information: clothing number, clothing name, clothing category, clothing department, clothing owner, remarks, etc. After pre-recording, all information will be stored in the database. At the same time, the reader will re-encode the labels on the clothing for secondary inspection and classification management. The pre-recorded clothes can be distributed to each department for use.

2. Dirt classification and storage: When the laundry is received in the laundry room, the tag number on the laundry can be read by a fixed or handheld reader, and then the corresponding information is queried in the database and displayed on the screen for the laundry Perform classification and inspection. Here you can check if the clothes have been pre-recorded or not. After the system storage operation is completed, the storage time, data, and operator information are automatically recorded, and the storage voucher is automatically printed.

3. Sorting and removing the cleaned clothing: For cleaned clothing, you can read the tag number on the clothing through a fixed or handheld reader, and then query the corresponding information in the database and display it on the screen for Sort and inspect your clothes. After the system's outbound operation is completed, the outbound time, data, operator and other information are automatically recorded, and the outbound voucher is automatically printed. The sorted clothes can be distributed to the corresponding department for use.

4. Generate statistical analysis reports according to the specified time: according to the needs of customers, you can use the data stored in the database to generate various analysis reports that are conducive to improving the management of the laundry room.

5. Historical record query: You can quickly query the information such as the laundry cleaning record by scanning the label or entering the number.

Described above are the most conventional laundry applications. The main advantages are:

a. Batch scan identification, no single scan, convenient manual transfer and management work, easy and fast to use;

b. Improve work efficiency and economic benefits, save personnel costs and reduce costs;

c. Record laundry information, can generate various reports, can inquire and track historically at any time and print out the required information.

A button-shaped (or label-shaped) electronic tag is sewn on each piece of linen, and the electronic label has a globally unique identification code, that is, each linen will have a unique management identification until the linen is scrapped (label Reusable, but not exceeding the life of the label itself). In the entire linen use and washing management, the RFID reader is used to automatically record the linen use state and washing times. Support batch reading of labels during washing transfer, making the transfer of washing tasks simple and transparent, reducing business disputes. At the same time, by tracking the washing times, users can estimate the service life of the current linen and provide forecast data for the purchase plan.

Flexible UHF RFID washable tags have the advantages of autoclave durability, small size, strong, chemical resistance, washable and dry cleaning, and high temperature cleaning. Sewing it on clothes can assist in automatic identification and collection of information. It is widely used in laundry management, uniform rental management, clothing outbound storage management, etc., reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency. It is suitable for harsh use in hospitals and factories Required environment.


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