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RFID smart cabinet greatly improves the security rate of confidential assets

News posted on: 2020/3/11 8:50:24 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID smart cabinet greatly improves the security rate of confidential assets

RFID smart cabinet greatly improves the security rate of confidential assets

Based on RFID technology, the secret-based intelligent filing cabinet is based on the traditional filing cabinet and uses UHF RFID technology. Attach RFID electronic tags to confidential assets, and deploy readout devices in each storage cell. Utilizing the advantages of UHF RFID technology, non-contact, batch collection of all information on confidential assets, to achieve continuous monitoring and efficient management of confidential assets, can remotely understand the status of confidential assets at any time, and can be combined with the prevention and control system , Greatly improving the preservation rate of confidential assets.

Manual management has brought various inconveniences to the work. First of all, the manual management method is relatively inefficient and cannot be monitored and managed 24 hours a day in the absence of management personnel. The registration, storage, lending, return, maintenance, and scrapping of confidential items require manual participation. The process is cumbersome and involves many people, reducing work efficiency. Secondly, the manual management method is relatively simple, cannot meet the diversity requirements of the current management method, and cannot check and manage the records of a certain class or class of confidential items or persons from multiple angles. It lacks multi-level management methods. Third, manual management is inefficient in real-time monitoring. For individual unauthorized carrying of secret-related items when going out, it is impossible to find real-time and effective small-scale and easy-to-carry secret-related items such as secret-related U disks and secret optical disks by manual inspection.

Finally, the manual management method cannot timely count the secret items. Once there is a false report, the manual management method cannot be found in time. Therefore, it is of great significance to improve the management mode of the assets of the secret-related units through technical means and reduce or solve the shortcomings of the manual management mode.


1. Automatic inventory management: Each unit cabinet is equipped with an RFID antenna designed separately for the electromagnetic environment of the metal cabinet. The RFID antenna can realize the no-blind zone of the confidential assets in the cabinet, automatically inventory the real-time data of the assets, dynamically monitor the status of the confidential assets in the cabinet, ensure the security of confidential assets, and greatly improve the efficiency of asset management.

2.High performance and high practicability: The intelligent cabinet selects the world-leading multi-channel antenna reader to realize a multi-antenna branch solution with one channel accessing the most multi-channel output. With high-performance multi-channel reader, a single The equipment accurately manages up to 32 unit cabinets; at the same time, the switching time for each antenna recognition is <100ms, and each unit cabinet supports batch reading of> 100 tags, which is efficient, high-performance, and practical.

3. Strong applicability: The smart cabinet uses an all-metal structure, each cell is a separate storage space, and each cell has a specific high-performance reading device, which has good applicability for confidential assets, whether it is archives, The mobile hard disk is still a U disk or optical disk. Through reasonable label selection and correct installation, the smart cabinet can be used for all-round supervision.

4.Various security measures: Each unit cabinet has independent electronic lock control. Unauthorized personnel cannot open the filing cabinet. The entire cabinet is equipped with a video monitoring device. Users can design alarm strategies by themselves and can link field alarm equipment and mobile phone alarms. And network alarms to comprehensively protect the security of confidential assets and improve the asset retention rate.

The intelligent dense cabinet adopts the latest RFID radio frequency identification tray to realize the area identification, file positioning, and intelligent inventory of the warehouse. Enter the relevant information of the file, and quickly and accurately retrieve the layer where you need the file. You can directly open the dense rack corresponding to the file on the query interface. The operation is convenient and facilitates file access.

The establishment of standardized intelligent file intensive cabinets and the realization of RFID intelligent management play a very important role in the construction of intelligent information. Filing cabinets implement intelligent RFID management, which can realize electronic archives supervision in the archives room. After adopting RFID technology, with the anti-counterfeiting and non-reproducibility of RFID technology, electronic files and paper files can be carried out in the system. connection. It can also realize intellectual property protection, RFID-based anti-counterfeiting, non-reproducibility, and can provide protection and anti-counterfeiting of cultural works such as papers.


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