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RFID technology promotes visual management of power asset lifecycle

News posted on: 2020/3/17 8:53:14 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology promotes visual management of power asset lifecycle

RFID technology promotes visual management of power asset lifecycle

With the improvement of residents' living standards, the various electrical appliances used in life are becoming more and more diversified, and the market demand for industrial electricity is also increasing. Grid companies put forward higher standards for the operation and management of asset equipment and implement the life cycle management of power assets. Utilize RFID automatic identification technology to realize data automation and paperless collection; effectively improve the completeness and effectiveness of equipment inspection system.

RFID technology is used for non-contact, long-distance, and automatic collection of information to realize timely transmission and feedback of asset change information, allowing real-time transmission and processing of real-time transmission of real-time asset information in all phases of power asset management. The application of RFID technology will add brilliance to the management of power asset equipment and make the life cycle management of assets power visual and informative.

Features of RFID power asset management system:

1. Comprehensive management of asset life cycle, strict control of all links

2. Timely warning and comprehensive monitoring

3. Personalized definition

4. Adopt advanced RFID technology, professional and accurate data statistics

5, the management to the post, the responsibility to the people, the power and responsibilities are more clear

6. Support multiple organizational systems and centralized management

Equipment inspection and maintenance, fixed asset inventory and full life cycle tracking and management of assets. RFID technology will provide better information collection, real-time understanding of equipment inspection, maintenance, and operation status, and timely detection of hidden dangers in advance to avoid hidden dangers. Failures lead to greater losses. After discovering the hidden danger of the equipment, the inspection personnel need to report the relevant situation in a timely, accurate, clear and complete manner. The relevant department will organize the maintenance personnel to go to the repair to eliminate the hidden danger based on the information provided in the report.

Grid asset tracking management uses RFID handheld devices to collect information on-site physical identification. RFID handheld devices have anti-interference, read and write distance, stability, reliability and other factors. Information binding of power assets is performed through RFID electronic tags, and RFID reader collection devices store RFID electronic tag information, contactless batch reading and data transfer. The daily operation and maintenance of RFID electronic tag data can realize the dynamic tracking and management of equipment, eliminate the difficulties, blind spots and obstacles of asset management, and realize the precise positioning and management of asset equipment. Its application in the field of asset management will have a very good prospect , And thus bring high efficiency and economic benefits.

RFID automatic identification technology plays a very important role in the fixed asset management, asset life cycle tracking, and equipment inspection and maintenance of power equipment. RFID technology more accurately grasps the inventory and distribution of fixed assets, quickly achieves rapid asset management and inventory work, reduces investment in human and material resources, improves asset management inventory efficiency, and realizes the informationization, standardization, and standardization of various asset management workflows. Standardized management.


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