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RFID technology realizes scale of hotel management

News posted on: 2020/3/18 9:12:21 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology realizes scale of hotel management

RFID technology realizes scale of hotel management

As people live and work places are diversified, the market demand for hotels is also becoming more diverse and demanding standards. The environmental quality of hotels is also the focus of customers' choice. Providing good hotel equipment services and quality services are to meet customer needs and improve customer satisfaction. A series of fixed assets, such as a hotel's hardware and equipment, are the material basis of the property. It is difficult to manage a large variety of hotels, large quantities, scattered distribution, and high value. RFID technology realizes the scale and specialization of hotel management.

Aiming at the wide storage location of scattered fixed asset equipment, the use of RFID technology can realize online and networked inventory, remote use, and management of asset data in different regions. There are many hotel rooms, many equipment, large number of assets, and many types. If the traditional manual inventory management model in the past, it is easy to cause mistakes, omissions, and loss of assets. It requires a lot of time and energy to invest in human and material resources. Manual inventory can no longer touch the problems in hotel management assets. RFID technology is applied to a new asset management model.

Use RFID technology for automatic identification and collection of statistical data, real-time dynamic monitoring and efficient management of hotel assets with comprehensive, multi-dimensional, efficient, and reliable data to provide complete fixed asset data for decision-making, formulation of management policies, and improvement of asset utilization Rate, revitalize all assets, reduce hotel operating costs, and improve overall revenue.

A series of advantages of RFID technology applied to asset management:

1. High efficiency: Comprehensively reform the fixed asset management model and implement business management activities through RFID technology to ensure consistent accounting and improve work efficiency.

2. Strictness: The fixed asset management system is equipped with comprehensive and standardized database security management measures, making the database more secure and reliable, and eliminating irregular operations that modify the database arbitrarily.

3. Real-time performance: Through RFID technology, the entire life cycle of each fixed asset from purchase and acceptance to consumption is tracked and managed in real time, and management activities are recorded in real time to reflect the status of each fixed asset.

4. Normative: The system standardizes the main business of fixed asset management, such as: an asset increase (decrease) business must be completed by multiple management departments, and a set of standardized management accounts (such as: goods storage, Goods out of the warehouse), etc., can fully and accurately reflect the total amount, structure and changing trend of fixed assets, real-time control in advance and feedforward control in advance.

5. Advancement: make full use of advanced RFID technology to intelligently deal with software and hardware. Applying RFID technology to fixed asset management, inventory, positioning, and out-of-warehouse warnings, easy to use and promote management level

Collect the information of the RFID electronic tags attached to the fixed assets through the RFID handheld reader device of the hotel administrator, grasp the specific status of the assets, and transmit the data to the RFID asset inventory system for statistical analysis. Based on physical management, it can realize basic information such as the location, quantity, manager, and employer of hotel assets, and manage the entire life cycle of fixed assets from procurement, application, receipt, borrowing, custody, maintenance, maintenance, retirement, etc. Real-time tracking management, clarifying asset status, controlling from the source of assets, realizing comprehensive and proper management of assets, and solving problems in hotel fixed asset management.

The RFID asset management system establishes information management to carry out comprehensive, comprehensive, multi-dimensional, multi-domain and other hotel work management. This will not only improve the overall management efficiency of the hotel, but also maintain the hotel image and reduce operating costs. Using RFID technology to feed data back to the hotel management platform, real-time asset conditions can be monitored, and management can make timely policy adjustments to asset conditions to improve management efficiency and reduce management costs.


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