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Air China launches pilot project for RFID baggage tracking system

News posted on: 2020/3/19 10:03:59 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Air China launches pilot project for RFID baggage tracking system

Air China launches pilot project for RFID baggage tracking system

Affected by the epidemic, in accordance with the plans and arrangements of Air China headquarters, Air China Chongqing carried out pilot work to promote the use of RFID baggage systems, using the "Chongqing-Beijing" round-trip route as a pilot route to implement the CAAC's baggage tracking system. In order to efficiently implement the overall deployment of Air China, the multi-party cooperation of the branch company, and the efficient and orderly launch of the pilot project for the construction of RFID baggage systems.

“The branch must fully undertake this task, while strictly controlling the epidemic situation, actively promote key service work, and promote system construction with high quality and high standards.” Air China ’s Chongqing leader in the RFID baggage entire process tracking system (hereinafter referred to as: RFID baggage Comprehensive deployment was made at the pilot meeting of the system) construction.

Prior to the pilot project of the construction of the "RFID Baggage System", the branch has actively explored the use of optical scanning barcodes to collect data at key nodes such as baggage collection, sorting, loading and unloading, and during the peak period of passenger transportation, Trial the RFID technology in parts such as baggage collection and sorting and abnormal baggage search. The trial feedback results show that the accuracy of sorting and receiving is significantly improved, and the abnormal luggage search time is significantly shortened.

Based on previous trials and accumulated experience, under the leadership of Air China headquarters, on March 3, the branch established a project promotion team led by the operation quality management department to formulate an action plan and strictly implement epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the principle of special affairs and special operations. Requirement, organize the ground service department, Chongqing Cargo Station and other units to actively carry out various pre-pilot trainings; use WeChat groups, Tencent meetings and other methods to coordinate and cooperate, and work closely with Chongqing Jiangbei Airport, China Civil Aviation Administration Second Research Institute and other units Communicate and communicate with each other, implement the pilot construction plan, and actively report to the headquarters on the preparations for start-up. "Adjusting the RFID technology equipment in the baggage sorting, collection, transportation, and loading and unloading of Chongqing Airport is the key link of the system promotion at this stage." The person in charge of the operation quality management department of the branch described the current system construction progress, "but the method is always more difficult than Through close coordination, some of the baggage turntables used on Air China flights have been successfully installed with automatic scanners. "

"RFID Baggage System (Radio Frequency Identification)" uses radio frequency identification technology to track the whole process of baggage delivery, security inspection, loading, transit, arrival, etc., the entire process automatically records the position and status of the baggage, and can timely transmit baggage status information To management and passenger. Passengers can check the status of checked baggage in real time, just like checking courier. Air China's use of this technology will further improve the quality of luggage transportation and bring great convenience to passengers.

After the system construction is successfully launched, the branch will actively follow up, and steadily and orderly promote the installation and testing of equipment and systems, preparation of luggage tags, and training of personnel, etc., and contribute to the intelligentization of Air China services and make passengers more Enjoy the convenient travel experience brought by technology services.


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