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Walk into smart stores and witness RFID black technology

News posted on: 2020/3/27 8:58:14 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Walk into smart stores and witness RFID black technology

Walk into smart stores and witness RFID black technology

For the retail industry, the concept of smart stores is a collection of new technologies. Devices such as electronic price tags and smart shopping guides are dazzling, but the most basic product barcodes are often the most easily overlooked by businesses.

With the passage of time, defects such as poor resistance to dirt, small data storage, short reading intervals, and inability to read in batches have gradually appeared, which has brought great inconvenience to the product management of the stores. These are the introduction of RFID electronic tags. Established market demand.

The RFID tag has a unique identification code, and its application can be simply pasted to the real thing, and it can also be embedded in the product for identification.

The transmission is completed through the antenna between the tag and the reader. In this way, the relevant information on the tag on the product sold in the store can be easily obtained.

Effective management of store merchandise can timely understand the sales status of different types of products and perform data analysis. At the same time, it can also check and count the number of products to facilitate the control of effective inventory, formulate a reasonable sales strategy, and reduce excess losses. Manage errors.

Only a simple EXCEL form can be used by a label printer to establish a one-to-one binding relationship between the assets to be counted and the RFID tag during the printing and coding process, without the tedious binding of one label and one physical object, which will use costs Dropped even lower.

Inventory under RFID technology, the reading of data during inventory does not require a light source, the effective identification distance is longer, and it can even be carried out through the outer packaging. After you have established the inventory documents online, you can use the mobile APP to obtain the established inventory documents. At the same time, you can support offline inventory and automatically record the inventory data.

The RFID find function can quickly find the goods in the storage location, quickly submit the find action, and easily solve the problem of finding the goods. You only need to know the SKU or the name of the goods and enter them into the APP's search function. By adjusting the power, you can find the goods accurately. The application of RFID standardizes the process of finding and tallying goods, and the standardized process saves human resources. The reading effect is more guaranteed and the work efficiency is improved.

Intelligent RFID management improves the company's industry image and social influence, sorts out the company's processes, realizes the optimal allocation of resources, breaks the communication gap between different departments, integrates the information flow, and allows everything to be effectively controlled.


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