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Successive investments in advanced technologies such as RFID technology and artificial intelligence to promote the development of smart logistics

News posted on: 2020/3/30 10:46:33 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Successive investments in advanced technologies such as RFID technology and artificial intelligence to promote the development of smart logistics

Successive investments in advanced technologies such as RFID technology and artificial intelligence to promote the development of smart logistics

5G technology promotes the development of smart logistics. In logistics transportation and distribution, 5G technology can realize automated transportation, unmanned driving, etc .; in logistics storage, 5G technology can perform efficient intelligent sorting, intelligent custom storage environment, and storage capacity management of warehousing. Packaging, handling and other links, 5G technology can be widely used in intelligent robots; in the logistics information link, 5G technology can track logistics information in real time to achieve efficient management. 5G technology is applied to the logistics park, which can achieve high intelligence, self-decision and integration in the park, automatically calculate the route of transportation vehicles and optimize the parking space, and realize the efficient connection between people, cars, warehouses, equipment, and other objects and human-computer interaction Scheduling.

The Internet of Things is an important aspect of promoting the development of smart logistics. The Internet of Things technology includes sensing equipment, RFID technology, laser infrared scanning, infrared induction recognition, etc. The Internet of Things is based on the development of the Internet, effectively connecting goods in logistics with the network, and monitoring goods in real time. For example, RFID technology is applied in the field of storage, which can non-contactly read shelf-related information and obtain the accurate location of goods, which improves the sorting efficiency, reduces invalid manual operations, and can also sense environmental data such as humidity and temperature in the warehouse. Protect the storage environment of the goods.

Use big data technology to dig deeper into the value of data in smart logistics. With the rapid development of the logistics industry, consumer demand data has become increasingly huge. It is an important part of smart logistics to screen and mine effective data from massive databases and scientifically analyze them for decision-making. Through big data technology, all data in logistics can be sensed and collected, uploaded to the data layer of the information platform, and the data can be filtered, mined, and analyzed to provide accurate data support for business processes. Big data technology is applied in smart logistics parks. Through information system integration platforms and communication technologies, it can realize the interconnection of upstream and downstream enterprises in the park and the relevant supply chain of the park. It can also evaluate the existing data of the park and predict the future.

Vigorously promote the application of AI technology in the field of smart logistics. In recent years, artificial intelligence technology has emerged in smart logistics. In terms of smart devices, drones, unmanned warehouses, and unmanned vehicles have begun to be applied. UAVs are mainly used in remote rural distribution, and unmanned warehouses have a large number of technological breakthroughs and innovations in algorithms, mechanical structures, and application scenarios. The logistics robots such as handling, sorting, stacking, and forklift trucks operate in coordination. It is the current smart logistics operation scenario of small and medium-sized enterprises in e-commerce enterprises.

The application of new retail, scene logistics, vehicle-cargo matching, and supply chain financial logistics service models opens a new ecology of smart logistics

New retail smart logistics model. New retail relies on the Internet, using big data, AI and other technologies to upgrade and rebuild the entire chain of product production, distribution, and sales, and integrates online and offline to create a new retail model of efficient logistics and distribution. The new retail business model needs to re-create the offline warehouse layout, optimize the matching of distribution resources and stores, optimize the path through big data technology, integrate resources such as manpower, goods, facilities and equipment, and customer needs, so as to achieve synchronous operation of the entire supply chain. All kinds of synergy need the support of smart logistics system, which forces companies to develop and apply smart logistics technology.

Innovative scene logistics service model. Logistics companies not only provide delivery, but also provide solutions. The innovation and development of the service industry is more focused on customer experience. Taking Haier Rishun logistics innovation model as an example, it uses the Internet of Things technology to create smart home services, convenient travel and other scenarios, and builds the industry's top brand supplier ecosystem.

Smart car goods match smart logistics platforms. The use of mobile big data, AI and other technologies can build a logistics platform for capacity bidding transactions, which can reduce the cost for cargo owners and reduce the time for truck drivers to find sources. For example, China's Chu Zhiyun (China Chu intelligent transportation logistics e-commerce platform) implements a logistics capacity bidding trading model, develops a "car-free carrier" business, and provides smart car-cargo matching services based on the platform to build smart logistics transactions and smart logistics analysis and forecasting. Big system. The platform accurately analyzes and analyzes the relevant data of vehicles, goods and people, and intelligently matches the driver's integrity data. It uses algorithms to plan the optimal transportation route and the matching of the returning empty car source.

Smart supply chain finance model. Using intelligent logistics technology, intelligent management of positioning, tracking, and monitoring of targets can be performed, and data can be summarized and analyzed. Each participant can perceive and supervise the continuous state and real-time changes of movable properties, thereby conducting risk monitoring and reducing financial costs. Enterprise investment risk.


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