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Application of Internet of Things in Bridge Monitoring

News posted on: 2020/5/7 13:09:44 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Application of Internet of Things in Bridge Monitoring

Application of Internet of Things in Bridge Monitoring

In fact, similar solutions have already been implemented in Shanghai, Wuhan and other places, and the application cases of the Internet of Things technology in the field of structural monitoring are also common.

Specifically, creating a complete closed-loop monitoring system for the Internet of Things includes data acquisition, data transmission, data center, and application. Data collection includes smart sensors, sensor networks, inspection terminals, etc .; data transmission includes LoRa, NB-IoT, etc .; the data center includes data management, analysis, and visualization platforms; and the application layer corresponds to various infrastructure facilities. Areas with high demand, such as rail transportation, energy industry, etc.

The bridge is the "throat" connecting modern transportation, but once it is built and put into use, it will enter a stage of continuous degradation and aging.

In recent years, a series of bridge damage and even collapse accidents are reminding us that we must attach great importance to bridge health detection and safety assessment, as well as damage detection and monitoring of dangerous bridges, and strive to eliminate hidden dangers. Therefore, it is of great significance to monitor and evaluate the health status of the bridge and grasp its health status. The monitoring of bridge structures has become the main technical means for the safe maintenance of bridge structures and the guarantee of normal use.

Obviously, the monitoring process is impossible only by manpower-not to mention time-consuming, labor-intensive and cost-intensive, and the real-time monitoring cannot be achieved. Therefore, the Internet of Things technology has become an indispensable important link in remote bridge structure health monitoring.


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