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Application of RFID in air baggage check

News posted on: 2020/5/7 13:58:16 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Application of RFID in air baggage check

Application of RFID in air baggage check

Traveling by air, there are not many passengers who have headaches due to luggage problems. To better serve passengers, many airlines announced the use of RFID luggage tracking technology to provide real-time luggage tracking services. Passengers can know the location of their luggage at any time through the APP, thereby reducing the situation of missing or wrong luggage.

RFID automatic baggage sorting system is to attach an RFID electronic tag to each baggage randomly checked by an aircraft passenger. The electronic tag records the passenger's personal information, departure port, arrival port, flight number, parking space, departure time and other information; luggage Electronic tag reading and writing equipment is installed on each control node of the flow, such as sorting, installation, and baggage claim. When the labeled luggage passes through each node, the RFID reader will read the information and pass it to the database. Realize the information sharing and monitoring of luggage in the whole process of transportation.

RFID technology is generally regarded as one of the technologies with the most potential for development in the 21st century. It is a new technology that has led to changes in the field of automatic identification after barcode technology.

— In October 2005, IATA (International Air Transport Association) unanimously passed a resolution to use UHF RFID strap tags as the only standard for air luggage tags.

— In June 2019, at the 75th annual meeting held by IATA, the participating airlines voted unanimously to support the deployment of RFID technology for luggage tracking worldwide. The conference also called for the implementation of modern baggage information transmission standards in order to track passengers ’luggage in real time and accurately at key nodes of the journey.

RFID technology is of great significance to improve the degree of automation and sorting accuracy of the airport baggage automatic sorting system, protect the safety of public travel, reduce the work intensity of airport sorting personnel, and improve the overall operating efficiency of the airport. Especially during the period of high concentration of people like the Spring Festival transportation, the efficiency of baggage delivery at the airport has been greatly improved.

Passengers who depart from the airport handle baggage check-in at the departure check-in counter. The staff completes the check-in registration and prints the RFID baggage tag according to the passenger boarding pass, installs the RFID baggage tag on the baggage, and places it in the baggage conveyor. The conveyor is equipped with an RFID collection channel. When the baggage passes through the RFID collection channel, the relevant information is collected and uploaded to the conveyor control system. The conveyor control system can sort the luggage to the corresponding flight correctly according to the obtained information. Luggage compartment slot. Finally, the porter transfers the baggage corresponding to the flight to the suitcase and joins the aircraft cabin with the tractor.

The automatic baggage sorting system at the airport uses RFID technology to identify baggage through electronic tags and automatically identify the target baggage using radio frequency signals. Even multiple high-speed moving objects can be identified at the same time without manual intervention, and the operation is fast and convenient. Using RFID technology can make the mechanization rate reach more than 95%, which means that the possibility of baggage loss, late shipment, and wrong shipment will be greatly reduced technically, and RFID can also work in various harsh environments.

In addition, each RFID reader can be connected to the server through the network, which can effectively record and track each link of baggage consignment, master the whole process in time, and manage it dynamically. The management personnel can completely view and check each link based on this statistical data To achieve targeted management and improve the informationization and intelligence of airport baggage check management as a whole.

During the Spring Festival 2018, China Eastern took the lead in investing in RFID technology on the Hongqiao-Wuhan route, becoming the first airline company in China to use RFID technology to track the entire process of flight baggage. Its purpose is to further improve the quality of luggage transportation tracking and enhance passengers' sense of service. The most direct benefit of this technology is to make the recording of luggage transportation data more timely and accurate, thus forming "big luggage data" open to passengers. Passengers can enter their luggage tag number just like checking the courier, to know in real time whether the checked baggage has been sorted, installed, or has arrived.

Before the implementation of RFID technology, China Eastern actively explored optical scanning bar code measures, collected data at key nodes such as baggage collection, sorting, loading and unloading, and dynamically tracked the transportation status of each bag. As the first domestic airline to implement large-scale baggage tracking, China Eastern has implemented dynamic tracking functions at major domestic sites in Pudong, Hongqiao, Kunming, and Xi’an. On average, more than 80,000 pieces of baggage are provided to passengers through WeChat applets every day Inquire.

With the application of RFID technology, China Eastern will also further improve the collection rate of baggage data and the accuracy of baggage tracking, realize the real-time sharing and precise positioning of baggage information, and allow passengers to follow their luggage. With the in-depth development of related technologies, the application cost of RFID will be further reduced, the corresponding application threshold will also be reduced, and RFID will become more and more popular in the aviation field.


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