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RFID intelligent collection in marathon

News posted on: 2020/5/11 14:53:49 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID intelligent collection in marathon

RFID intelligent collection in marathon

As a long-time event, the marathon has always attracted many people with its unique charm. With the improvement of living standards, people continue to pursue a healthy and green life, and sports are accompanied by part of life. The frequency of marathon competitions and the number of participants are also on the rise. The methods of holding and managing marathon competitions have been optimized. RFID technology makes full use of marathon competitions and intelligent collection management in RFID marathon competitions.

Marathon has a large number of people, and it is very difficult to accurately record the position and achievements of each athlete. Moreover, it is difficult to determine the actual running path of the participants. The fairness and fairness of the race cannot be accurately precise. How much human resources, even if there are many referees, can not guarantee foolproof. RFID marathon intelligent management, using RFID for accurate timing of the marathon, athletes wear RFID electronic tags on the shoelaces, and place reading and writing equipment in the starting line and the end of the line, when the athlete passes the reading and writing equipment, will Read the ID of the RFID tag on the shoelace and record the current time. The software system will process and display the information. In this way, you can accurately and reliably record the starting and ending time, as well as the time at the competition center and various The situation saves human resources, and ensures the fairness of the competition and accurate athlete results. It can also be used in long-distance running, walking, or cycling competitions, as well as the training of ordinary athletes.

Advantages of RFID marathon timing:

No personnel intervention, automatic statistics and accurate timing to ensure fairness;

RFID tags have been widely used, cheap, each tag ID is unique in the world;

Some labels can be reused to promote the cyclical sustainable development spirit;

Can read 300 athlete tag information per second;

Athletes can wear two tags with the same number, which can improve the reading rate;

The software is easy to operate, and you can immediately know the athlete's performance after the game.

The ordinary round race track can prevent cheating, and can count the number of laps. The intelligent management of RFID marathon competition can achieve active identification and active timing, active sequencing of final results, centralized management on the same platform to avoid the possibility of human error, and can accurately locate the athlete's running road to prevent any abnormal conditions. The one-to-one correspondence between athletes ensures that the results are real and useful.

RFID technology has been widely used in various sports events, using various information technology methods to deal with and optimize the problems encountered in the profession. RFID technology is used for the automatic collection of the timing of the marathon. The athletes wear RFID electronic tags on the shoelaces. At the start and end, there are also RFID reading and writing devices placed in the line to automatically collect the ID of the RFID electronic tags on the athletes shoelaces , Automatically collect and record the time. The marathon competition with RFID technology saves a lot of human resources, and also ensures the fairness of the competition and accurate athlete results.


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