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RFID helmet helps safety management

News posted on: 2020/5/13 13:37:22 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID helmet helps safety management

RFID helmet helps safety management

"Enter the construction area, please wear a hard hat ..." On the morning of May 9, just after entering the project site of the Gaocheng New Campus of Shijiazhuang Information Engineering Vocational College, reporters and others received a reminder from the smart site broadcasting system. The two entrants did not wear hard hats.

The video monitoring system collects information, the smart site platform analyzes the information, the voice system issues instructions, and the linkage of "monitoring system + smart background + voice system" is the first skill demonstrated by the smart site.

The staff of the contractor China Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. told reporters that there is "wisdom" in the helmet. The two-dimensional code called "China Construction Engineering V Code Pass" on the helmet can scan out the staff's name, ID number, and other personal information; the chip inside the helmet is the radio frequency area positioning system (RFID) ——Who are you and where are you? Through this system, the smart site platform will be clear, providing data support for labor dispatching and safety management.

Entering the construction site, the dust online monitoring system clearly displays PM10 and other air quality index data.

There are many cross operations on the construction site and many construction units, and the management level of the subcontracting units varies. How to prevent and control dust in place? The tacit cooperation between the dust online monitoring system and the linkage controller solves this problem.

The tower crane spraying, wall spraying and monitoring system are intelligently related. When the monitoring data exceeds the set normal threshold, the linkage controller will send a signal to the spraying equipment of the tower crane and the surrounding wall. The spraying equipment automatically opens to reduce dust Impairment, and the drone also appeared. Install a camera on the drone and use the air service platform to observe whether the dust net has achieved full construction site coverage and assist in dust control.

On the 220,000 square meter construction site, there are 20 tower cranes with arm lengths ranging from 50 meters to 70 meters. There are many construction units and the probability of cross-operation is high. How to avoid collision with each other to achieve safe operation? The tower crane collaborative monitoring system composed of tower crane collision system, hook visualization system, and tower crane driver control room monitoring has put a lot of effort on the giant "eye".

The tower crane collision system allows the tower crane to automatically sense the operation area of other tower cranes. Once it crosses the boundary, it will receive an alarm and automatically lock; after other tower cranes leave the operation area, the locked tower crane will automatically unlock. The camera on the hook allows the driver of the tower crane suspended at a height of 40 to 50 meters to observe the surrounding environment of the hook in real time, eliminating visual blind spots.

The smart site platform also enables traceability management of materials.

The construction site of the project makes extensive use of prefabricated building technology. On a huge construction site, where should a large number of steel plates and steel components be shipped? A QR code helps steel plates and steel components quickly find their place through the Internet of Things technology.

Based on technologies such as "cloud big things move intelligence + BIM", a smart construction site platform that collects real-time and dynamic elements such as people, machines, and materials in the construction process effectively improves the level of construction safety, quality, cost, and schedule management.


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