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RFID technology helps domestic heavy-duty engine factories liberate power and build intelligent manufacturing plants

News posted on: 2020/5/16 8:54:10 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology helps domestic heavy-duty engine factories liberate power and build intelligent manufacturing plants

RFID technology helps domestic heavy-duty engine factories liberate power and build intelligent manufacturing plants

On September 26, 2019, China's first heavy-duty vehicle engine intelligent manufacturing plant was put into use, and the factory will take China's heavy truck engine intelligent manufacturing to a new level. Through the application of Internet of Things technologies such as RFID and DNC, the factory has built three major systems of intelligent manufacturing that integrate intelligent production scheduling, intelligent production assurance and intelligent logistics systems, realizing real-time collection of production information, algorithm decision-making and automatic feedback. At the same time, it successfully developed a dual command platform, integrated various subsystems of intelligent manufacturing, and formed a solid, comprehensive and feasible intelligent factory management system.

Into the assembly workshop of the intelligent manufacturing plant, from the perspective of the layout of the workshop, the hardware and software environment, and advanced automation equipment, in terms of intelligent manufacturing level, China's independent brand power has achieved comparable to Europe and the United States. In the 50,000-square-meter production area of the factory's heavy-duty diesel engines, one engine was successfully rolled off every 110 seconds, and 130 engines per capita were produced each year, an increase of 117% per capita from the beginning of production in 2012. Here, the proportion of flexible equipment has accounted for 67%, the numerical control rate has reached more than 90%, and the automation rate has reached 78%.

The most intuitive feeling in the workshop is that the number of workers in the workshop is not large. Many processes are completed by robots and robotic hands. Various intelligent unmanned AGV carts shuttle between cranks and other parts. In addition to using multiple intelligent unmanned AGV trolleys, an intelligent logistics system with aerial corridors, a three-dimensional library of self-made parts, and a cold test SPS as subsystems has realized automatic logistics distribution on the assembly line.

For three years, the domestic heavy-duty engine intelligent manufacturing plant has created three systems integrating intelligent logistics, intelligent production scheduling, and intelligent production guarantee. The improvement of the level of intelligent manufacturing has expanded the production capacity, optimized the product structure, and improved the efficiency. The plant's achievements in smart manufacturing: production capacity increased by 52%, manufacturing cost decreased by 20.5%, logistics accuracy rate increased by 50%, product defect rate decreased by 39.3%, energy consumption per unit output value decreased by 8%, and the average annual cost was reduced by 21 million yuan. These data not only effectively improve the market competitiveness of Jiefang Vehicle, but also allow more Jiefang truck users to spend less money and use engines with better quality and performance.


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