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The future is promising under the trend of intelligence, and the RFID industry is taking advantage of the trend

News posted on: 2020/5/16 9:07:51 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

The future is promising under the trend of intelligence, and the RFID industry is taking advantage of the trend

The future is promising under the trend of intelligence, and the RFID industry is taking advantage of the trend

How much do you know about RFID? In fact, from all cars that use electronic billing to various types of contactless cards, RFID is almost everywhere and increasingly penetrates into production and life. In recent years, with the widespread application of the Internet of Things technology and the rapid rise of the Internet of Things industry, RFID products have also appeared in more scenarios, and the market growth trend is positive.

In the fields of retail, logistics, transportation, automotive, medical, food, military, manufacturing, clothing, library, aerospace, asset management and identity recognition, RFID embodies diverse application advantages. Because of this, countries around the world pay more attention to the development of the RFID industry, and China has also issued a series of policies to support the accelerated growth of related domestic companies. For China's RFID industry, 2010 is an important development node. In this year, the Internet of Things was included in the national development strategy, which provided key new development opportunities for the domestic Internet of Things industry and the RFID industry. Due to multiple favorable policies and markets, the market size of China's RFID field has risen rapidly, and the development of the industry's ecological chain has been increasingly improved.

According to statistics from relevant data, by 2013, China's RFID market has exceeded 30 billion yuan, with a growth rate of more than 35.%; by 2019, although the growth rate has declined due to the overall macro environment, domestic RFID The scale of the market still maintains an overall growth trend, reaching about 110 billion yuan. Judging from the competition situation of the entire international industry chain, the relative advantages of China's RFID industry are mainly concentrated in the packaging, testing and system integration of the electronic label industry chain, while chip design and packaging, software / middlemen, etc. are generally in the hands of foreign companies. Among them, software is basically monopolized by a few software vendors such as IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.

This special crisis, which has continued for several months since the beginning of 2020, has continued to increase the demand for RFID in some scenarios, such as unmanned convenience stores, medical products, and wearable devices. Under special circumstances, in order to avoid unnecessary contact between people, "contactless shopping", "contactless delivery" and other modes are popular, so unmanned convenience stores in some countries have been sought after, including some vending Machine and other equipment. In scenarios such as unmanned convenience stores, it is necessary to rely on the RFID electronic labeling function to realize its characteristics and bring shopping convenience to customers. Therefore, the combination of RFID and unmanned convenience stores is getting closer.

In addition, there is still increasing demand for RFID tags in the medical field. Because medical products must be traceable, medical labels need to provide RFID tracking barcodes, industrial supply chain systems and other settings to achieve this requirement. Now the production and use of medical supplies continue to climb, making the medical industry's demand for RFID tags grow rapidly.

In addition to the above two items, the wide application of wearable devices has made greater demand for RFID technology. It is reported that, in order to prevent and control the need, Ford is planning to configure a "buzz" wristband for employees to provide employees with an appropriate social distance to avoid infection and spread.

It is understood that this wearable device was developed by Samsung Electronics and incorporates RFID technology using short-wave Bluetooth to detect the proximity and clustering of other devices. If another wristband is detected within the specified range, it means that the employee's social distance is too close, the wristband will vibrate immediately, and send color-coded information to the screen to remind the employee.

In addition, both employees and factory managers can review and track past close contact records by looking at the historical data of this wearable device, helping to recognize the potential dangers to be avoided. Currently, 12 employees of Ford's design and manufacturing plant in Plymouth, Michigan have volunteered to participate in this test.

It can be seen that the advent of this special crisis provides more channels for the application of RFID technology. With the further development of the trend of intelligence and networking, the Internet of Things industry will move towards a more prosperous future. For the field of RFID, the market prospect is extremely broad. Of course, in order to "cash out" these market opportunities, it is also necessary to do a good job of technological innovation.


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