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Jiatong Tire uses RFID and other technologies to achieve tire life cycle management

News posted on: 2020/5/26 14:53:04 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Jiatong Tire uses RFID and other technologies to achieve tire life cycle management

Jiatong Tire uses RFID and other technologies to achieve tire life cycle management

Intelligent manufacturing is one of the main directions of "Made in China 2025". The tire industry is the foundation of the development of the automobile industry. The development of tire technology is becoming mature, the future development trend is gradually clear, and the tire industry will no longer adhere to stereotypes. Jiatong Tire keeps up with the current trend, focuses on the research and development of cutting-edge tire technology, actively explores new technologies for travel, effectively improves tire quality, reduces tire manufacturing costs, increases the efficiency of tire design, production, sales and service throughout the cycle, and strives to use intelligent innovation Let Jiatong Tire stand at a new height in the world ".

Drive innovation and lead the future

As a traditional industry, intelligentization is the general trend. With the maturity of 5G, the Internet of Vehicles technology will increasingly require intelligent tires, so it is the goal of tire companies to lead the tire industry to the direction of intelligence, environmental protection, and technology. Synchronous Jiatong Tire will also follow the national policy and strategic deployment, vigorously devote to the research and development of smart tires, and develop smart manufacturing as a long-term strategic task.

Relying on the five major technology research and development centers in the world, Jiatong Tire integrates the globally integrated AdvanZtech R & D platform, and has an intelligent innovation module. It is constantly committed to creating tire products that combine cutting-edge technology and high-end quality experience to protect each consumer ’s Driving safety, deeper insight into the needs of the automotive industry to promote the development of existing tire products and market layout innovation, and further consolidate Jiatong's journey into China.

Smart innovation, leading the world

Only through continuous technological innovation can the brand rejuvenate for a long time. Combining years of research and development experience, Jiatong has continuously explored and innovated in the industry, developed MES intelligent advanced quality management system, RFID chip tires and life cycle management system, using the latest smart tire technology to eliminate hidden safety hazards and promote the development of the tire industry.

With the continuous development and integration and innovation of AI in recent years, Jiatong has focused on the development of new RFID smart tire technology from the safety of car owners. Jiatong implants smart chips into some products to provide car owners with intelligent services, record a series of data on Jiatong tire installation, disassembly, repair, etc., and monitor real-time tire temperature, tire pressure, travel mileage, groove depth, etc. Key tire data, timely warning at critical moments, to ensure the driving safety of car owners.

Smart tire technology provides excellent development opportunities for tire intelligent manufacturing. At present, smart tires are still in the early stages of development. Jiatong Tire will always adhere to the Singaporean spirit of lean manufacturing, strive to be the pioneer of industry deepening reform, and innovate R & D pioneers. Program.


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